Popsicles, a Squishy Cake and a Birthday

I have come to the undeniable conclusion that Popsicles make people happy.

Popsicle 001

Seriously, I have done a very scientific study on the Popsicle Happiness project.

Take my daughters 8th Birthday to be exact, I had this crazy idea to allow my daughter to have  7 friends stay the night.

What happens when you get seven 8 year olds together? For the most part everything is peachy keen…and then BAM, a scene from Mean Girls breaks out in an instant.

I needed to put the fire out quick before the claws came out….


Everyone stopped what they were doing and screamed, “MEEEEEEE”

Claws retracted.

Except for these two(my kid on the right and my BFF’s kids on the left), who insisted on playing out another scene from a movie…Star Wars. Popsicle Life Sabers, who knew??

Popsicle 002


My kid is Miss Sassy Pants.

Popsicle 003

Popsicle 004

Oh and another thing I learned in my Popsicle Happiness Project….Orange was the favorite color.

popsicle 006

Hmmmm, who knew? My fav was and will ALWAYS and Forever be RED.

Sooooo if World War III ever breaks out, all we have to do is hand out Popsicles and we will be declared the winner. End of story.

Popsicle 005

If you have been following along with my blog for some time, you might remember that I make my kids fancy Birthday Cakes..cause their spoiled like that.
Last year Emma got a “Messy Cake” with Fondant Flowers and for her 6th birthday, she actually got 2 birthday cakes(spoiled) A cupcake cake and a shabby chic cake

Turn out this year, I am super lazy.

I talked her into me just covering a cake with fondant and having her friends write on it with edible markers. I really played it up…I didn’t want to get all fancy with the cake. Lazy, remember?
She totally took the bait.
I was off Scott Free!

Then she threw a wretch in my plans. See, she is OB-SESSED with “Squishy” from Monsters University.
She now wanted a Squishy cake.
Well, I scoured the internet for ideas for such a cake…and …nada. The movie hadn’t even come out.
I again played up the plain fondant cake..but she was stuck on Squishy.

“Mom, you can just draw Squishy on the fondant.”

Hmmmmm, I totally failed Free Hand Drawing class.  Well, I didn’t actually take a free hand drawing class, but if I had, I would have certainly failed, as I can only draw stick figures.

Sooooo, I did my best. I drew Squishy the best that I could and viola, a slapped together Birthday cake.

Squishy Cake

She loved it and that makes me giddy. Kids don’t need perfect, in-fact ,I am sure she didn’t even notice my rippled fondant at the base  of the cake that I cringed just looking it.

Squishy Cake

The Birthday girl…makes me sad that time goes by so fast

Popsicle 007

For a little extra fun at the party, I baked each girl their own 6″ cake to decorate.
They loved it….Sucked up about an hour of time! Good for a party for sure.
However, a word to the wise….you will be stepping on Sprinkles for over a week no matter how many times you vacuum.


This cake was awarded “Most Sugar”

Popsicle 007

And this is the face of a girl that just got a Kindle Fire!!
Happy Birthday Emma Bug!


**I am a Mom Popsicle Ambassador. Post sponsored by Popsicle, all opinions are 100 % mine o’ mine**


  1. 1

    She is a mini you! SO cute.

  2. 3

    What a fun party. I wish my Mom was a cool as you.
    And I have to agree, Popsicles would win World World 3

  3. 4

    Haha, this is so cute! I love all the photos!

  4. 6

    Loved this…you really are the best! It looks like they had a great time and great idea with all the cakes!

  5. 7

    Looks like a fun birthday party and your daughter is so adorable! Good job Mom! : )

  6. 8

    I totally believe in the popsicle happiness project! Also, I had “Mean Girls” moments at every single one of my sleepover birthdays growing up (pre the movie). Also, you are the best mom ever and that cake looks awesome!!

  7. 9

    Your daughter is totally your mini me. SO ADORABLE!!! (and I’m a grape person. Orange gives me headaches)

  8. 10

    You are a trip! How fun for the girls, I have a few years before I will have to be that creative! Popsciles, forgot all about them! Im also a RED girl! Much love D

  9. 11

    Orange popsicles for life! 🙂

  10. 12

    Such cute pictures! Love the cake idea.

  11. 13

    I just went through and looked at all of her cakes and I like the messy flower one (not the shabby chic one) the best. And trust me, I understand it taking Herculean like strength to not go back and fix the frosting! For the first time ever I just let my 6 year old fill the cupcake tins with cake batter. I always tell the kids they can help me with baking and it ends up stressing me out and not having the calming effect it does when I do it by myself. The last time I told the kids they could help I ended up shooing them into the family room. I heard them talking between themselves “mom says we can help but then she just says ‘don’t do this. You can’t do that. Let me do it.’ She doesn’t REALLY let us help.”

    BTW, red is my favorite popsicle too 🙂 Red anything, red Tootsie Pops, red Lifesavers, red anything.

    Oh, and I too am grieving my google reader. Who the hell has time to actually look in your bookmarks for blogs?!

  12. 15

    Re: BLUE OMBRE CAKE TUTORIAL back in April 3, 2012, how do you end the cake with the last row of dots since there is no room to press and drag?

  13. 17

    Amazing pictures!

  14. 19

    GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! The Cad Bane of my existence! Every year my sister and I would buy the kits and at least one of our kids would insist on “helping” us. We always swore one winter we were going to wait until it was just us two and then we’d decorate ours so pretty. Yeah, never happened.

  15. 20

    Oh, she is so cute!! Looks like they had a great time 🙂