Birthday Cakes

If you are a kid that lives in The Hungry Housewife household, you are lucky enough to get not one, but TWO Birthday cakes each year(husbands only get you babe). One at your Birthday Party and one on your actual Birthday. They get to choose the theme and flavors for their Birthday Party cake and then get to pick a simpler cake for their actual Birthday day cake.

Since I have been out of whack lately, I was not into making cakes at all this year. But I created cake snobs with my kids, so I had to at least do a cake that was somewhat of a decorated cake. I kept it SUPER SIMPLE for both cakes. I asked Emma what she wanted and she said, “A white square cake with black polka dots with a cupcake on top.” Do I deliver or what?

When she saw the cake she said, “Ohhh, it’s so cute, but I wanted it taller like a wedding cake.”
Pfffttt. BRAT!

First up we have the Birthday Party cake. A 9 x 13 double layer cake, one chocolate and one yellow. With a big cupcake on the top. For the cupcake I used the Wilton BigTop Cupcake pan.

Cupcake Birthday Cake

Cupcake Birthday Cake

And the next cake was for her actually Birthday day cake. Just for family. I keep them small and simple.
Her only request was that it be white and purple. As you can tell, she helped me with the frosting. It took everything I had not to go back behind her and totally smooth it out completely, but I wanted her to feel proud. And for a 6 year old, I think she did pretty well. She helped with the roses as well. The cake might be a little messy, but that is why it is titled a “Shabby Chic Birthday Cake”!

Shabby Chic Birthday Cake

Shabby Chic Birthday Cake

Shabby Chic Birthday Cake


  1. 1

    love it love it

  2. 2

    They are both gorgeous!!! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. 4

    Beautiful cakes! We always had 2 …. a small one in the morning with just my mom and sister (a girl thing) and then a big one at night with our whole family.

  4. 5

    They look GREAT!

  5. 6

    you pull off better cakes in a headache-birth control induced haze than I could, ever! Well done! Happy birthday to your little Emma!

  6. 7

    Adorable!! Y’all did great.

  7. 8

    Great cakes! Glad you are back!

  8. 9

    love the cakes!

    also love the name Emma ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 10

    Happy 4th of July Weekend! Simply adorable cakes, i love the little one with the cup cake on top.

  10. 11

    Beautifully decorated Cake Leslie.. Seems Emma is following in her mamas footsteps.

  11. 12

    2 words: YOU ROCK!!!
    Unbelievably the most AMAZING homemade cakes I’ve ever seen!!! Wowzeers, your kids are blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 13

    Your cakes are beautiful and creative. i love them both. 2 cakes for 1 birthday~how lucky!!! Have a Happy 4th!!

  13. 14

    you are the queen of cakes.
    open that damn bakery already!

  14. 15

    You are a genius! These are gorgeous cakes.

  15. 16

    I love them both! I have that Wilton pan and I have never used it! GASP! I need to make that huge cupcake it is just the frosting it part that scares me LOL

  16. 17

    love those roses on the cakes, so cute!

  17. 18

    I would be totally impressed if I got this cake for my bday!! You are so talented!

    p.s. good luck on the marathon training!!

  18. 19

    I guess I’ve been “lurking” for a while! But I have to jump in and say that these cakes are beautiful!