Lowel Ego Light….LOVE IT!

Last week I got my new Lowel Ego Light and I am in love with it! Two reasons I love it soooo. 1) No more going outside in the awful heat and humidity to get a good shot with the “natural light” 2)I love the light it gives of. Just about as close to Natural […]

Cake Pops!

I had to jump on the Bakerella bandwagon and make some Cake Pops! I see them all over the Food Web World. They really are simple to make just VERY time consuming. I guess I made them time consuming with all the different decorations. I do it to myself..cause myself extra work and all and […]




I am not so much in the blogging mood tonight! I am just tired. I was at Adventure Island today with my son and his friend Averie. I got my ass kicked. I should just remind myself the I am 32 not 12! Oh well I will chalk up my trip to Adventure Island as […]

Chicken Pie Revisited and Revamped

Back when I first started my Blog I posted about Trisha Yearwood’s Chicken Pie. Like I said, when I made it the first time it was more like soup.All I did this time was added 12 oz of frozen mixed veggies and some more salt and pepper and it was MUCH better! The sauce was […]

Sunday Breakfast

I made my Banana Bread last night (minus the blueberries). Anytime I have those almost black bananas around I ALWAYS make Banana Bread. I really need to find something else to do with them. But my Banana Bread is sooooo good I cant help myself. This was the conversation in the house last night… Husband: […]

A winning Lemon Loaf

My lemons were starting to getting soft on me, so I had to make something quick. I am trying soooooo hard not to waist as much food around this crazy house of mine.While looking at my unnecessary large amount of cookbooks…I was drawn to Ina Garten’s Yogurt Lemon Loaf. But I noticed something strange about […]

Far from "Perfection" Pound Cake

I told you before in a video post that I made Dorie Greenspan’s “Perfection Pound Cake”Hmmmm..obviously there wasn’t too much “Perfection” going on in my kitchen that day!Everything went as planned..I read all the wonderful tips on making pound cake and followed the directions to a T. I decided to spice it up a bit […]

Carpal Tunnel Creators!!!

I have been stalking one of Rita’s posts over at the Clumbsy Cookie. No for real..seriously stalking this post for Cookie Chips Chocolate..I think I posted 3 comments and visited it about 10 times. I was drawn to these little suckers like a mosquito is to one of those blue bug zappers!!! I love chocolate […]


I am soooo very thankful for everyone who reads my blog. And especially thankful for those of you who leave comments. I would have no clue who stops by my blog if it weren’t for the comments..so THANK YOU! I have recently received a few awards! YIPPEE! No..I am not giving another video acceptance speech..MIGRAINE= […]

And the winner is…..

Random Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers: 11Timestamp: 2008-08-02 19:21:24 UTC And I believe the 11th person who left a comment is ANGIE!!!!!!! Well congratulations Angie! You are now the proud owner of the cute little Pink Measuring set!!Contact me by email so I can get your address! I would have posted a funny video […]