I have been such a slacker when it comes to Weight Watcher Wednesdays lately. I have not been doing much blog worthy cooking. But I HAD to have a sweet treat over the weekend, and I recalled this WW recipe that I made a while back with only TWO ingredients! It is SUPER SUPER simple. […]

Potato- Sour Cream Biscuits

One of my FAVORITE blogs is The Noble Pig. She is one of my daily reads. Cathy always has funny, relatable content and delicious food. I saw these yummy little rounds of carbohydrate goodness and had to read on! No yeast..there is no yeast in these biscuits. I have never really worked with yeast. Nooo, […]

Empty Pantry Syndrome

We have all had it at one point in our lives..you know..when you are standing in your kitchen, staring at a plate of thawed chicken breast..staring and staring and staring. I HATE HATE making the same things over and over. I pulled out my recipes binder, saw some things that looked good. Crap, I had […]

Blueberry Goodness!!

Photos taken PRE-Lowel Ego Light. Wow, I am such a slacker. I made this Blueberry Crumble WAAAYYYYYYY back in July, and am now just getting around to posting about it. Shame on me! I post it when Bleuberries are probably like $50 million dollars at the grocery store. Ok, so I exadurate a bit. But […]

The Death Of Chocolate

Robert Steinberg dies at 61 from lymphatic cancer. Who is this person you ask? Are you a chocolate lover? Two words….Scharffen Berger. He founded chocolatier Scharffen Berger, one of my favorite Chocolates. You can see his Obituary HERE

Living under a rock!!

I know I am a bit air headed and maybe living under a rock. But for some reason I have not yet been clued in on the The Left Over Queens Finest Foodies Friday. (FFF) I got an email from Patsy @ Family Friends and Food congratulating me on FFF. I emailed her back thinking […]

Daring Bakers #4 Lavash Crackers

Ok, this post will be short and simple. Talk about waiting till the last minute..I did these Friday afternoon while getting ready for a wake of a dear family friend that passed away from Lung Cancer. My favorite part about this months challenge…..NO MESSY KITCHEN! I only had to wash out my KA mixing bowl, […]

Blog Awards and Martha Stewart

It is no secret that I have been seriously behind in my blogging. As you all know it is ohhhhhh sooooooo time consuming, but well worth it! I have received some wonderful awards lately and haven’t had a chance to post them. Thank you to all of you for thinking of me. I appreciate each […]

Happy Fall

Happy Fall y’all! I cant really say I know much about fall, since here in Florida we don’t get it. Well my calender on the fridge says today is the first day of fall. But the thermometer on my house says its still smack dab in the middle of sizzling summer! So many of you […]

Who won?

Thank you for everyone who commented on my Pay It Forward Post.Random.org is how the winner was chosen. And the winner is………….Random Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers: 2Timestamp: 2008-09-22 02:04:42 UTC And the second person to comment was TANYA at Take the Cannoli. Congrats Tanya! I am very excited to start my little shopping […]

Unacceptable Behavior

No I have not dropped off the face of the earth.I am sorry that I have been absent from posting and visiting all my favorite blogs. Now y’all all know I ALWAYS return ALL comments. Please forgive me, I got sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo terribly behind this week, there is no possible way I can catch up!! Agghhhhh […]

Pay It Forward GIVEAWAY!!

Will you just take a gander at what I got in the mail!!!!! Crazy huh?? Look at all of those goodies.I won a little Giveaway from Amber at Of Chocolate and Mangos. It is the “Pay It Forward” Giveaway. Some person, somewhere in the world started this awesome Pay It Forward game.Basically, all you have […]