Super Bowl Party Baking Results….

Ohhhh my word…I am sooooo darn tired. Let me run down what I baked for the two day event of for the Professional Sports Wives Association and the Professional Athletes Council. 84 Mini Banana Bread loafs with banana frosting topped with toasted walnuts99 Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting100 GIANT chocolate chip cookies I […]

Daring Bakers..Tuiles

Oh my goodness. I almost forgot to post these! I am running on my 28th hour today. Preparing for the Super Bowl party has gotten the best of me. 84 banana breads baked and now on to the cookies!!!! Aggggg..Grrrrrr..I soooo need a double oven(or 3 or 4)!!! On to the challenge.This month’s challenge is […]

There are honest people left in the world

Well my computer if finally back home with a brand new motherboard and processor. I don’t know what either one of those things are, but my computer works. Yeah.I have a non food related story to tell you all. About 4 years ago my house was burglarized. Meaningless things were stolen like computers and DVD […]

Computer broke!

Ok, my new computer BROKE. Broke like have to send it back to HP broke! Damn it.&^*%(insert your favorite 4 letter cuse word)I am going to be like a Princess without her Prince, a cowboy with out his horse, and egg without its bacon, boobs with out their bra. So you get it, I am […]

Baking for the Super Bowl..yes the Actual Super Bowl

Nooooo I am not talking about for a Super Bowl party at my house. I am talking about a Huge Vip Party for FAMOUS people! I was contacted by a company who is hosting a party for theProfessionsal Sports Wives association. Ok people, I am talking about some BIG I go with some name […]

Garlic TIP

Have I been living under the baking rock?When I need to get the skins off my garlic, I just smash the clove with the sides of a large chef knife and then pick it apart, welllllll……………… my sister just called me with this tip her friend Denise told her… Put your garlic in a Tupperware […]

Fruit Roll Up winners

You snooze you loose.I have no choice to do the drawing about 20 minutes early. I was up till 1:30 last night, so needless to say I am having trouble keeping my peepers open! Here are your random numbers:29Timestamp: 2009-01-10 02:35:31 UTC Katrina said…I have four boys and they would LOVE this!Happy New Year! Congrats […]

Caramelized Onions..and VERY EXCITING news

MMMM…Caramelized onions, sweet like candy. Ok, so maybe not candy, cause I know I don’t crave caramelized onions when I am P.M.S ‘ing. But they are sweet as far as onions go. I used to have an aversion to cooking them. I suppose I burned them one too many times. They require pot stalking. Its […]

I’m back…with a kid friendly giveaway

Phew….that was a long break. What started out as a planned 3 day trip to the Smokey mountains to spread our Uncles Ashes, turned into a spur of the moment week long vacation exploring the outdoors. We had a wonderful time but I am sooooo very glad to be home. So needless to say I […]

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to wish each of you a wonderful holiday. I hope it is filled with love, laughter, family and of course…. good food!!! I leave you with a few more family photos! My cute kids. Me and the Hubby! Me and my sister And more sillyness!! Good night to all and to all a […]

Marshmallow Snowmen

Another Holiday classic that you can do with your kids in under 2 minutes(cause we all know thats how long their attention spans are anyways!)Since there is no snow here in Tampa, I resort to making Marshmallow Snowmen. Fills the void ya know! MARSHMALLOW SNOWMEN 3 large marshmallows 3 toothpicks Edible Black and Orange markers(can […]

Sugar Cookies (a.k.a Hell)

Disclaimer—-If you get offended by curse words stop here!!!! And don’t judge me for my awful piping skills! If you do, I will hunt you down and beat you with my wooden spoon! Sooooo, I thought I get in the Christmas Spirit and make Fancy Decorated Sugar Cookies. With all of my baking adventures, I […]