There are honest people left in the world

Well my computer if finally back home with a brand new motherboard and processor. I don’t know what either one of those things are, but my computer works. Yeah.I have a non food related story to tell you all. About 4 years ago my house was burglarized. Meaningless things were stolen like computers and DVD […]

Computer broke!

Ok, my new computer BROKE. Broke like have to send it back to HP broke! Damn it.&^*%(insert your favorite 4 letter cuse word)I am going to be like a Princess without her Prince, a cowboy with out his horse, and egg without its bacon, boobs with out their bra. So you get it, I am […]

Baking for the Super Bowl..yes the Actual Super Bowl

Nooooo I am not talking about for a Super Bowl party at my house. I am talking about a Huge Vip Party for FAMOUS people! I was contacted by a company who is hosting a party for theProfessionsal Sports Wives association. Ok people, I am talking about some BIG I go with some name […]

Garlic TIP

Have I been living under the baking rock?When I need to get the skins off my garlic, I just smash the clove with the sides of a large chef knife and then pick it apart, welllllll……………… my sister just called me with this tip her friend Denise told her… Put your garlic in a Tupperware […]

Fruit Roll Up winners

You snooze you loose.I have no choice to do the drawing about 20 minutes early. I was up till 1:30 last night, so needless to say I am having trouble keeping my peepers open! Here are your random numbers:29Timestamp: 2009-01-10 02:35:31 UTC Katrina said…I have four boys and they would LOVE this!Happy New Year! Congrats […]

Caramelized Onions..and VERY EXCITING news

MMMM…Caramelized onions, sweet like candy. Ok, so maybe not candy, cause I know I don’t crave caramelized onions when I am P.M.S ‘ing. But they are sweet as far as onions go. I used to have an aversion to cooking them. I suppose I burned them one too many times. They require pot stalking. Its […]

I’m back…with a kid friendly giveaway

Phew….that was a long break. What started out as a planned 3 day trip to the Smokey mountains to spread our Uncles Ashes, turned into a spur of the moment week long vacation exploring the outdoors. We had a wonderful time but I am sooooo very glad to be home. So needless to say I […]

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to wish each of you a wonderful holiday. I hope it is filled with love, laughter, family and of course…. good food!!! I leave you with a few more family photos! My cute kids. Me and the Hubby! Me and my sister And more sillyness!! Good night to all and to all a […]

Marshmallow Snowmen

Another Holiday classic that you can do with your kids in under 2 minutes(cause we all know thats how long their attention spans are anyways!)Since there is no snow here in Tampa, I resort to making Marshmallow Snowmen. Fills the void ya know! MARSHMALLOW SNOWMEN 3 large marshmallows 3 toothpicks Edible Black and Orange markers(can […]

Sugar Cookies (a.k.a Hell)

Disclaimer—-If you get offended by curse words stop here!!!! And don’t judge me for my awful piping skills! If you do, I will hunt you down and beat you with my wooden spoon! Sooooo, I thought I get in the Christmas Spirit and make Fancy Decorated Sugar Cookies. With all of my baking adventures, I […]

Coupon winners

Will the lucky winners please email me you address? Random Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers:11512Timestamp: 2008-12-13 14:02:14 UTC # 11 Elizabeth said…Hahah…too funny! #5 mikky said…i really hope to see you in daytime soon… bet you were great… oh, btw, your hubby really knows how to make his game room shine… the leg lamp […]

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

Dont forget to enter my NEW GIVEAWAY I know these cute little Ice Cream Christmas Tress have been around forever. Who even knows where they originated. But aren’t they darling? The kids had such a great time with these, that is after they got past the sugar rush from eating the frosting by the spoon […]