My take on Tieks


It is no secret that I am obsessed with Tieks. They are in my eyes, the perfect flats.

I get tons of questions about them all the time, whether it be on-line or in person when I wear them.

It only seems natural for me to answer some of the questions here for all to see.

Here are the top 5 questions I get when I wear or mention my Tieks.


  1. “What cute shoes, what store did you buy them?”
    Sorry folks, you can’t get them in a store. They are on-line order only. Some people are a bit put off by that since they can’t try on the shoes. Well, let me tell you, Tieks customer service is amazing. If for any reason you don’t like the fit, they will either try to make it right or refund your money.(as long as you don’t wear them outside and there is NO time limit)
  2. “I thought you couldn’t wear flats?” This question mainly comes from people that know my feet.
    I have wide feet, a very high arch, a super thin/narrow heel and an ever lasting case of plantar fasciitis. Normally I have to wear (not so attractive) shoes that have a very high arch support. Yes, I am 40 years old and have to wear orthotic shoes. Super glamorous indeed. I have had issues for as long as I can remember wearing flats because of these genetic mutations.
    So my day in typical flats used to consist of massive blisters on my heels (no matter how many times I wore the shoes), squished toes (remember my wide Flintstone feet?) and my plantar fasciitis screaming at me.
    In my Tieks, I can go SEVERAL days without my plantar acting up and my heels NEVER hurt. You see, Tieks are made of 100% supple Italian leather that stretches and form to my feet. This means no more squished Phalanges. And because the heel is cushioned and not rigid in the least bit, I no longer have to carry around band-aids in my purse form heels. I have had ZERO break in period with any of my Tieks.
    Now I will say that they do not have any arch support in them, but I think that because they have advanced foam cushions that my feet sit upon and the fact that they are uber flexible, help my plantar fasciitis from not act up after one wearing.
  3. “You paid HOW much for those shoes????They are just ballet flats.” I get that a lot too. Hmmmm, see above. If I can wear something on my feet that don’t make me want to cry halfway through the day, then YES, I paid that much for them!! Funny how people will pay almost that much for cheaply made sandals just because they is a big designer emblem on the top, but they balk at the price of Tieks. (Rolls my eyes). Tieks range from $175- $345. You can shop the Boutiek here.
  4. Do they just come in a couple colors? Lord have mercy no. If you can’t find a pair of Tieks that  match your outfit, then you are probably wearing a space suit. They are available in about 56 different colors. There are prints, patent leather, classic and they even have a Vegan Collection.
  5. “Love your Tieks”. Well this isn’t a question, but when you wear your Tieks and another Tieks owner sees them on your feet. You always get an , “I love your Tieks”. I’m pretty sure it’s a cult thing 😉

Now here is a little visual candy for you.

The packaging….isn’t it the cutest? They come nestled in this adorable box with a colorful flower adorning the top.

Aren’t they cute all cozy in the box??

Oh, did mention that they are foldable? They are the ultimate travel shoe and obviously extremely flexible!

They are so flexible, they they literally never lay flat.

You can just tell from this photo how soft they are and non-rigid the heel is.

Their signature non-skid split rubber soles.

And thisssss is my collection. My review is no joke people. I am obsessed with Tieks!!!!

I need to get on the ball and get some patent and prints, but I wanted to build up a collection of classic colors first so that they would match everything in my closet. I have about 7 more colors on my wishlist…California navy, metallic pewter, taupe,Tiek blue patent, mustard yellow, tangerine, and cream. So if anyone wants to get me any of those colors, feel free…I’m a size 8 😉

**This is not a sponsored post. I am talking about Tieks because I love them!!!**


  1. 1

    I have been wondering about these shoes. Thanks for the review. I may have to get a few pairs now!

  2. 3

    Yikes. That is pretty steep for a shoe, but if you are saying they are worth it, I will trust your review. I think I might go get the clover right now.

  3. 5

    I think I remember seeing those on Oprah.Right? I;m pretty sure I need these int y life.

  4. 7

    I plan on buying a pair for my wedding day. Are they true to size or do I need to go up or down a size. I’m usually a size 9

    • 8

      Oh they would be perfect for your wedding!!!!!! I would say they are pretty true to size. I wear a size 7 1/2-8, but I have a wide foot, so I got an 8. They fit perfectly. If you purchase a pair and they don’t fit, you can always exchange for a different size and they will pay for shipping both ways!!!

  5. 9

    What is your must have color for ones first pair?

    • 10

      Ohhh Leisha, that is such a HARD HARD question!!!!!!!! I have a bad habit of all my clothes being black and grey. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone, so I got the clover green! My second pair was the fuchsia(pink) and then I got lilac(purple)…my last two purchases were back and red. I am glad I went with the colored ones first.

  6. 11

    What about bunions? Also, many shoes like this flip off my heel when I walk- does this happen? If they hurt, will they let me return them?

    • 12

      I dont think bunions will be a problem. The leather is very soft and supple. I have a very skinny heel and these do not flip off. Yes, as long as you dont wear them outside, you can try them and return them if you are not satisfied.

    • 13

      I bought my first pair about 6 weeks ago. I have a bunion on my right foot and was concerned that these shoes would hurt. At first, I had just a little discomfort on the bunion, but after a few times wearing them the leather was perfect and I no longer have any pain at all when I wear the Tieks all day. I have NEVER been able to wear any other ballet flat, or even regular flats, before. They fit nicely on the back of the ankle with no slipping, rubbing, or coming off. I’m now trying to decide on a color for another pair. My first pair is taupe.

  7. 15

    Thanks, this was helpful! I have heard good things, but was worried that they wouldn’t work on my wide feet. Now, I’m going to give them a shot…especially knowing that exchanges are possible if I choose the wrong size!

  8. 17

    I have a friend who has several pairs and she loves them. I was just so concerned because they are so flat and so expensive and I tend to need arxh support for my plantar faciatis. I typically gonfor Vionic brand since their arch support is so great. But I love how cute these are and the colors they come in…and of course the tiek blue bottoms are the cutest.

    • 18

      I have a huge fan of Vionic as well. My arches are crazy high. I can wear my Tieks for several days without my plantar faciatis acting up and then I need to wear my Vionic.

  9. 19

    I only have one question for you- do they scuff easily? I usually buy cheap flats, which can be a pain, not only because I have arthritis, but also because I tend to scuff them so quickly. The only way I can fully justify the price is if I don’t have to worry about them scuffing. Thanks!

  10. 21

    I have had some shoes I’ve had to buy in wide and some I don’t. I too have suffered from an actual ruptured fascia, so I feel your pain. Curious, since you said you have wide feet did you purchase in wide the first time? Or did you start with regular and exchange for the wide? I’m just wondering how much they’ll stretch if I get the regular.

  11. 23

    I wish I had known about them before I shelled out 150 bucks on my ugly hot black orthopedic sas sneaker shoes that I hate because they are so heavy and hard to put on.

  12. 25

    I ordered a pair for my daughter…she lives and is having a wedding in Ecuador…in April…Think she will LOVE them. but kind of wondering how they hold up with girls who are hard on their shoes??

    • 26

      They will look lovely in a wedding. I am not hard on my shoe. For myself knowing they are a bit pricey, I am not hard on them

    • 27

      Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. I don’t have any prints( although I have been eyeballing the leopard), so I can’t speak on any wearing off. I do tend to baby my Tieks. To avoid heel scuffs from driving in the car. I take my right Tiek off so it doesn’t rub against the floor mat in my car, causing a scuff. This has helped ALOT!!!!

  13. 28

    Such a wonderful, thorough review-thanks for sharing! I just recently (literally 17 days ago) had surgery on one of my feet for a bone spur/bursitis and plantar fascitis. I am a teacher and on my feet a LOT. I would be happy to invest the money in one of these pairs of shoes, but would like to ask you about your plantar. You said you can go a few days without pain in these. Is this true for your heel, too? Also, one other reviewer said that the sides were too tight for her. Your thoughts?
    Thanks again for such a careful and complete review!

    • 29

      Thanks for your comment. I soon want to get surgery on mine, but insurance is being a pain! Yes, I don’t have pain in my heel or arch for a few days. Keep in mind though, I am not on my feel all day. I still have to go back to wearing my oath shoes for a few days. But when I want to look cute, I put on my Tieks!
      I have super wide feet and they are not tight AT ALL on the sides of my feet. Keep in mind, if you buy them and are unhappy or they dont fit you right, you can always return them (As long as you don’t wear the outside). Their customer service is amazing!!

      • 30

        Thanks so much for your quick and thorough reply-it is much appreciated!

        And I completely understand about insurance issues-ugh! I hope you’re able to get your surgery soon. I am still having pain, but I am exactly 19 days post-surgery today. The pain is better now than before the surgery so I definitely would say it’s worth it!

        Thanks again!

  14. 32


    • 33

      Thanks for your question Carol. I am not sure. You could certainly oder a pair and try them on. If they don’t work, you can send them back as long as you don’t wear them outside or dirty the soles.

  15. 34

    How long have you had them? How do the soles hold up over time?

  16. 36

    I am confused. I recently was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and received my special insert a few days ago. There were 4 things to look for in a shoe and one was the shoe should not bend like these are. Do you wear an insert when you wear these shoes?

    I am also a dancer (which makes this foot problem a major nightmare) and have not gotten the “okay” yet to start dancing again. I would love to find that these shoes are my answer to having pain free feet and go back to dancing again.

    • 37

      Thanks for your question. I am in NO WAY saying that Tieks cure or help plantar fasciitis in any way!!! I have plantar fasciitis and struggle with it coming and going. . The majority of the time I wear my orthotics, but sometimes are girl needs to look cute and NOT wear orthotics.I can wear my Tieks for a few days without my feet hurting, But I still have to do my foot exercises and go back to my unattractive support shoes. I personally can’t wear flats everyday or my feet would die. It is also worth noting that I am not on me feet all day the way a teacher would be. Feet problems are no fun at all, if you have been recently diagnosed I would concentrate on getting your feet better before making one step out of your support shoes.

      • 38

        Thanks for your reply. Yes, I know I am in a hurry, I miss dancing and every time I go back to the doctor I ask the same question “can I dance now?” However, if these have a little better support than ballet shoes, I wonder if I should invest in these? I mnight do some more research on it, thanks again.

  17. 40

    Thanks for your comment. I have had my 1st pair for over a year. I don’t wear them all the time, maybe once a week and they have held up just fine. I tend to baby all my shoes. I have always had stinky feet if I wear shoes for an extended period of time. I don’t want my Tieks to stink, so I take them off several times during the day to air/dry out.

  18. 41

    I have flat feet and am considering these. Can you wear them them outside? When I have seen ‘fold up’ shoes they seem to be for wearing when you’ve been wearing heels and your feet hurt. I’m looking for something I can wear out and not just an indoor slipper. Thoughts?

  19. 43

    I have very wide feet and am worried about spending so much money on a pair of shoes that won’t fit. Do you have any pictures of your feet in the shoes?

    • 44

      Jennifer. Thank you for your question. I do have a couple on my site…One in my “New Kitchen Reveal Post” and in my “Eat Love Sandals Post”
      You should give Tieks a call and they would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about sizing.

  20. 45

    So.. I to have a sort of Flintstone foot too.., I wear a nine in most shoes however in some Nike sandals I can wear a 10 I am wondering if I should buy the size 9 or the size 10 my foot is rather wide

  21. 47

    I have had mine for a week and I now I am obsessed!!! These shoes are like witchcraft! My feet don’t hurt at all. I even leave them on when I get home. Thanks for the post. Those of us in the know need to spread the knowledge!

  22. 49

    Thank you for the review. I ordered my first pair Saturday and they should be here tomorrow. I’m going to the Kentucky Derby and it’s general admission so no seats poses to be a long day of standing. I wanted something cute and comfortable and the thought of wear heels all day on concrete and cobblestone made me cringe. Hoping these will suffice both purposes 🙂

  23. 51

    How is the sizing of the tieks? I have wide feet too, and usually I wear an 11 but sometimes I can wear a 10 if they are wide. What would you recommend?

  24. 53

    I just got mine in the mail on Friday, they were my 40th birthday present to myself. I love them already just from trying them on!

  25. 55

    I bought three pairs of Tieks and I love them. I have mild plantar fasciitis and need a lot of heel support in my shoes. I buy Dr. Scholls inserts for my shoes which is very helpful. $7-$12 depending on what you need. What works best for me is the Dr Scholls heel inserts. The full arch support inserts make the shoe really tight and would bother my feet pretty quickly. I recommend buying a size up from your normal size so you can use the inserts.

  26. 57

    omg you totally described my foot. if i buy a shoe wide enough for my toes and the widest part of my foot then the heel slips off. don’t buy wide enough and it’s just suffering every second i am wearing a too tight shoe

  27. 59

    Thank you this is helpful to know they fit wider feet! I was hesitating to order since they didn’t come in “wide”.

  28. 61

    You totally need to add leopard and electric snake to your list as well! I love love love mine!

  29. 63

    With these being a “fold up” shoe when not wore they have a slight curl. When wearing do they keep your feet slightly curled. I ask because I have a different “fold up” shoe and they are terribly uncomfortable because they keep my foot slightly curled up.

  30. 65

    I am a hair stylist/owner of a salon and boutique and a full time mother/wife. So needless to say I am on my feet more than I am off in a day.
    I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars trying to find comfortable shoes that did not look like my grandmothers.
    And all I had was a closet full of shoes, only to be worn 1 or 2 times.
    I recently purchased my first pair of Tieks and it only took 2 days of me wearing them to be SOLD.
    I’m addicted.
    The only reason it took me 2 days, was because I kept waiting for my feet to hurt or legs to ache. But nothing ever hurt.
    So if your hesitate, just try them out. Like she mentioned in her article. The customer service is amazing. If you don’t like them or the color or the size is wrong. No questions. Just send them back. FREE.

  31. 67

    Do these cover all of your toes? I mean, not all 5 (because, of course they do), but so that the toe ‘crack’ isn’t showing? I’m not sure why, but that’s my thing. I end up buying loafer style flats because I hate when the base of my toes aren’t covered up.

  32. 69

    LOVE my Tieks! I’m a medical sales rep, so I do a ton of walking – and find myself choosing Tieks almost every day. However, I’d love to know how you keep your footbeds so new and fresh looking! My footbeds have darkened with time.

    • 70

      Funny you mention the footbeds. I think the darkening is just a natural occurrence with leather. I take my Tieks off several times during the day(when I am sitting at my desk) to let them air out and let the natural foot moisture dry. I think this is one of my tricks.

  33. 73

    I am about to buy my next pair of tieks and I am undecided between cardinal red, clover green, cobalt blue, fuchsia and taupe. I see a few of those in your collection. I am wondering how they aged? The black pair did not age as well as I’d hoped (but I am rough on shoes). Which ones aged the best for you?

    • 74

      Thanks for stopping by Jackie. I baby my shoes, so they are all in great condition. I only wear them about once or twice a week, so I would say they are not worn a lot because I alternate all my colors. I would have to say the green are my favorite!

  34. 75

    Hi! I have both a size 6 and 7 at my house and am deciding on which pair to keep. The front of my feet are slightly wide and my heels are narrow. You can see my toes in the front of the shoe in both the 6 and 7, though it’s obviously more distinct in the 6.

    I’m scared the size 7 will be too loose–they fit fine now (with some gaping on the sides), but I’m afraid that when I walk more, they’ll be too loose on my ankles. The size 6 feels secure and fairly comfortable, like skin against my feet, though my foot is almost as long as the sole (my big toe goes past the teal part of the sole, but not past the brown part of the sole) and my two smallest toes are crowded. Which would you suggest keeping? Will the area around my smallest toes stretch in the size 6 (or, more so, will my toes be irritated once I walk in the shoes for a longer period of time? I have a history of buying shoes that can become painful around my small toes!)?

    Thank you!

    • 76

      Hmmm..I am not sure and I would hate to steer you wrong. You should give Tieks customer service a call or email them your same comment her and I am sure they would be more than happy to help you.

  35. 77

    Thanks for this review. I have been on the fence. I’m a birki girl all the way. All about foot comfort. Would like a closed toe shoe for every now and again. One that looks super nice though. Think I will take the plunge. I too have foot issues. Age sucks! Thinking red. What doesn’t red go with right? I paid almost 300$ for my orthotic work shoes if these prove to be as comfortable as I think they will be, they will be well worth the money!

    • 78

      I too love my Birkenstocks!! But I love my Tieks too. They don’t have any arch support in them, so I can’t wear them for days on end. I still have to wear my orthotics the majority of the time. But I love wearing my Tieks and looking cute and girly!!!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  36. 79

    I purchased my 1st pair of Tieksin March for a trip to Europe where I was limited as to how much to pack on a 3 1/2 week vacation. These were definitely my go to shoes. I absolutely love them and getting ready to order my second pair (Cardinal Red).
    I love love love my Tieks, definitely worth the $$$.
    As the saying goes you get what you pay for.

  37. 81

    Love my tieks and I am in my late 60’s. I have 4 pairs and would love about 6 more! The BEST!