Popsicles, a Squishy Cake and a Birthday


I have come to the undeniable conclusion that¬†Popsicles make people happy. Seriously, I have done a very scientific study on the Popsicle Happiness project. Take my daughters 8th Birthday to be exact, I had this crazy idea to allow my daughter to have ¬†7 friends stay the night. What happens when you get seven 8 […]

Chicken Caprese Pasta Salad & Giveaway

chicken caprese pasta salad

What up peeeeople? Dontcha know it’s Dreamfields 3rd Annual Pastapalooza Pasta Salad Celebration?! This year it is all about turning your favorite dinner dish into a pasta salad. It can be done with just about anything. One of my most favorite dinners is the simple and healthy, Chicken Caprese. Delicious chicken topped with fresh tomatoes, […]

Do you subscribe to me via Google Reader?

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 11.00.45 AM

Do you subscribe to me via “Google Reader”? Well, if you haven’t already found out, they are discontinuing this service as of July 1st Makes me super duper sad, as I loved reading my favorite blogs through Google Reader. So I suppose we all have to wipe our tears and accept the fact. If you […]

French Bread Pizza

French Bread Pizza

I always sit here and think y’all want to see fancy. And then I think, most people don’t have time for fancy. So tonight I am bringing you NOT fancy, actually it’s about as simple as you can get. You get an Easy French Bread Pizza. I remember back in the day, frozen French Bread […]

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken

I have officially determined that having children is bad for your self-esteem. Everyday I get a big dose of reality in my house having a 10 and 8 year old. 2 days ago, my daughter tells me that, “It’s fun playing with your giggly belly.” And yesterday I had a very short, yet to the […]

Toasted Coconut Popsicles

Toasted Coconut Popsicles | The Hungry Housewife

So I suppose, I’m getting up there in age… I realized it when I was at Disney for Foodie Blog Forum and I said to my son, I hadn’t ridden Space Mountain in like 25 years. When I said those words, I thought, Oh my gaud, It’s happening, I bet my kids think I’m old. […]