Archives for April 2013

Turkey and Ham Eggo Panini

Hi, It’s your Chief Waffle Officer here. I’m back with day # 2 of Eggo® Waffle Week. This yummy little sammy is another prime example of how Eggos® can be seen as just more than a waffle on a plate. Panini sandwiches are my favorite, so it was only fitting that I swapped out the […]

Egg Florentine

I know, right? You just want to dig right into your computer screen. Easy Egg Florentine minus the high calorie sauce. Let me break it down for to bottom.. Perfectly fried runny egg. Flavorful big hunk-a tomato. Garlicky, buttery, fresh sautéed spinach. A crispy Eggo® Waffle. That’s right, no toast, no bagel, no fancy […]