Archives for March 2013

My new favorite snack

This is me….. I go to the store to grocery shop. Get my normal items including yogurt. I have never been a huge fan of yogurt, but I would buy it because I knew it was good for me and it wasn’t all that bad. Then it just sat and sat in the fridge, it […]

Potato Ham and Pea Quiche & Giveaway

I love love love Spring Holidays. They just scream brunch and mimosas. And what must every brunch have? Quiche. Easter and Mother’s Day are incomplete with out a rich and delicious quiche. If you have never made it before, quiche is extremely easy to make, it’s affordable and can easily be served at room temperature. […]

A hectic day & Folgers Giveaway (Kindle)

I set my alarm every night for the next day at 6:20am expecting it to wake me up. Then the power decides to go off in the middle of the night. Yippie, No alarm. I wake up at 6:40. I have exactly 25 minutes to get the kids up, fed, dressed and in the car […]

Guinness Float

I know, I know, Guinness 2 posts in a row. I had to, my Irish heritage makes me do it around St. Patricks Day. I imagine if you are not a Guinness fan, you will absolutely NOT like these. You can just lick the caramel off the mug. But, if you Lurve some deep dark […]

Guinness Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Glaze

WAIT, don’t go. Yes, it’s a cake, with beer, but….. Ohhhhhh, this cake. I myself can not tell you the absolute amazing-ness of this cake. You see, I made this cake when a raging cold decided to invade my head. You know, the kind of head cold in which no air enters your nostrils and […]

Orange Curd

Is it just me or does the word “curd” just rub you the wrong way? Seriously, who came up with the name “curd” for such a delightful little treat? Well there is really nothing we can do about it now, the damage has been done. I mean we could all start a petition, get like […]

How to butterfly a chicken

Butterflying a chicken is one of those kitchen techniques that you should just know how to do. I know, I know….I know some people get all weird’ed out about handling a big ol’ raw bird. Well, get over it. It won’t bite. Learning how to butterfly a whole chicken will save you some cooking time, […]