Kale Chips

Kale Chips 006

Ok guys.

My fat jeans are too tight.

And by too tight, I mean, like tight, TIGHT.

This is serious.

Did you know that I have gained oh, about 35-40 pounds since I started by site?

I don’t lie.

Back in 2008, I was living on Nut bars and tuna fish and working out 2 hours a day.

Then my 2 hours a day at the gym was replaced by recipe developing, photographing, blogging and eating.


Who’s fault is it?

Well, no one has been holding me down over the last almost 5 years and force feeding me.

I could totally blame it on some crazy thyroid disorder, which I don’t have.

I could blame it on my husband, but I blame everything on him, so I’ll cut him a break.

I could ABSOLUTELY blame it on The Birth Control Pill that I take to try to alleviate my migraines.

But honestly, you know what my issue is?

Will Power.

I have none.

I don’t sit around eating potato chips or ice cream or even really anything bad for me.

Honestly, if I eat it, it sticks to me, specifically my butt and thighs, even if it’s a carrot.

Sure I taste everything I make. It’s my duty to you.

But, I suppose my tastings have added toooo many calories to my diet.

I am NOT going to make a New Years resolution to change.

I’d only be lying to myself.

I try to eat in moderation, but I guess it’s not working for me.

Some people are blessed with a great metabolism, I unfortunately, was not.

Maybe I can keep a food diary or do one of those fancy phone apps.

That would probably help.

It is alllll about calories in and calories out.

Am I going to keep developing decadent recipes for you…yup, sure am.

Am I going to keep tasting them..yup, sure am.

Let’s just hope I don’t have to start wearing maternity jeans.

That would be something.

So here are some heathy kale Chips to replace the potato chips that I don’t eat.

They are good.

Light and crispy.

They totally fill my salty craving.

Try em’ their easy..

Start with a pretty bunch of Kale

Kale Chips

The stems are beautiful..but unless you like chewing on bark, I suggest you get rid of them.

Kale Chips 001

Just tear them out..

Kale Chips 002

Bye Bye Purple…

Kale Chips 003

For easy clean up and even oil/vinegar distribution, massage them in a zip lock bag.

Kale Chips 004

Arrange on two large baking sheets and bake!

Kale Chips 005

Kale Chips
Recipe type: Snack
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Healthy Crispy Baked Kale Chips
  • 1 large bunch Kale
  • 2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Balsamic Vinegar
  • Kosher Salt and Pepper
  1. Pre Heat the oven to 300.
  2. Rinse and dry the Kale leaves.
  3. Tear out the thick stalk/rib in the middle of the kale.
  4. Tear the kale into pieces about the size of potato chips.
  5. Pour the olive oil and vinegar into a large gallon zip lock bag.
  6. Add the Kale, seal the bag and massage the oil mixture into the kale.
  7. Arrange the kale onto two large baking sheets, taking care not to over crowd.
  8. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  9. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the Kale is nice and crispy.
  10. Allow to cool.
  11. Enjoy



  1. 1

    Are you looking through my window? I could totally have written this post! LOL! Willpower? Not a smidge.

  2. 3

    LOL!!!! I am right there with you! Diet-city at my house right now….

  3. 5

    Sometimes I think we spend so much time helping other people (with recipes etc) that we fail to spend enough time on ourselves.

    I love kale chips though – one of my favourite snacks, especially with loads of garlic.

  4. 7

    The problem with these is I can’t stop eating them. You did a great job photographing the kale. However I do have some kale all washed and ready to go….now I just have to make them again, I like that you added the vinegar…great idea!

  5. 9

    every year, like clockwork, this message appears in january.
    you are not that fat.
    if you really want to lose weight, start walking 20 mins a day.
    you’d be amazed at what just 20 mins does.
    takes 21 days for a habit to stick/stay.
    (love the yellow towels in the pic lol)

  6. 11

    You sound just like me! I have zero willpower too and my fat jeans are too tight as well! Glad to hear I’m not alone! 🙂 Love these kale chips!

  7. 13

    I told myself I wasn’t going to make a change either… Maybe I will fail at that instead! 🙂

  8. 14

    Chips sound good, Leslie! Everyone is in the same boat which isn’t going to make you feel any better. I tried a Red Velvet Poke cake recipe yesterday and ate 1/4 of a 13×9″ cake! I gave the rest of it away today! Too late. Yep, New Year’s resolutions are a to-do list for the first week of January! ♥

  9. 15

    Lol! I have gained weight even making all skinny recipes! I think it is the constant cooking and obsessing about food ;). You are gorgeous–and make a mean kale chip too!

  10. 16

    I feel EXACTLY the same way! How can I be a food blogger and recipe developer and be on a diet?!? LOL! But at least for a month or so I need to cleanse and eat a few more veggies after all the cookies and treats devoured over the past (or two) for the holidays. Kale chips are a great way to start!

  11. 17

    I had spinach chips at a restaurant one time and loved them. Will definitely try this.

  12. 18

    Considering I just bought kale (since I’m trying to eat health) I’m glad you posted this! 🙂 I’m pinning it and will make these kale chips tomorrow! 🙂

  13. 20

    Ah, the dangers of being a food blogger… I’m with you – I have no willpower. It’s making it difficult to lose this baby weight! I guess I need a few more kale chips in my life!! 🙂

  14. 22

    Oh you ladies make me feel soooo much better. Kale? Never would have thunk it!! I, too, am pinning and shopping for kale. Thanks so much!!

  15. 24

    I hear ya, sister. Starting my own cake and cupcake business has been amazing…ly bad for my waistline. That, plus the conclusion of my running career due to an injury? 🙁 +15 lbs. I was in a Kale Chip phase a few months ago. I do olive oil and old bay. That’s the Maryland in me. I wish there was something we could make and eat that would burn the calories right off. Can you work on that??

  16. 26

    The kale with the purple in it is just gorgeous and I love kale chips.

    “Then my 2 hours a day at the gym was replaced by recipe developing, photographing, blogging and eating.” – me too! Before my blog I had free time to work out that long! Boy life sure changes doesn’t it!

  17. 27

    I bought some kale and I’m making these. I ate too many potato chips over the holidays and my will power is not good either.

  18. 28

    Gorgeous kale chips Leslie! Come make some for me 🙂 I love them, and love the vinegar you added and the bag trick!

    (I hear ya on the willpower – this is why I just DON’T bake – at all! I would eat every single bite)

  19. 30

    We are in the same boat, Girlfriend. Our jobs are so tough the way we take one for the team like that. I have been on an almost no-sugar dealy-bobber since Jan. 2 and have lost 5 pounds. I also started exercising daily again, which is no fun. And I’ve been baking a lot less. So boring!
    LOVE kale chips. When I make a batch, I eat them all–and then I don’t feel so well. Be careful. 😉

  20. 31

    Oh, and now I’m dying to try them with balsamic!

  21. 32

    Waww, this is so creative – kale chips! The perfect healthy finger food…

  22. 34

    I’ve gained 5 pounds since blogging :/ Oh well…it’s a hazard of the job 😉

  23. 35

    I totally feel your pain. I think I’ve gained about 20 pounds since starting to blog. I’ve basically resorted to eating tiny portions of everything I make, figuring out weight watchers points for everything using their online program, and giving away as many baked goods as I can! You’re gorgeous at any weight Leslie, so don’t beat yourself up too much!

  24. 36

    It’s definitely time to swap out the potato chips for something else, will give this recipe a go and hope kale tastes much better than it looks!

  25. 38

    I haven’t made kale chips yet, but it’s really a MUST for me since I’m a chip addict!

  26. 39

    You had me rolling. I know the feeling. I have gained about the same since I started my mostly sit down, late night, eat whatever because I am busy, hobby. I’d blame my REAL thyroid problem, but my sweet doctor said that I make me fat, my thyroid problem just makes it harder to lose it. I’d blame my husband for liking me either way, but…anywho I lost 30 but have gained 10 back since we had the flu. Maybe I need kale chips, LOL!

  27. 41

    I love kale chips, but haven’t tried making them with balsamic vinegar before. Love the purplish color of your kale!

  28. 42

    I love Kale chips Les, they’re addictive. Plain Kale, makes me kind of gag though. It’s so fibery and doesn’t seem to break down when I cook it.

    Turnip greens are fabulous!


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