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Spider Halloween Birthday Cake

I loved how my husbands birthday cake turned out this year. Simple and clean. It’s a 3 tier 10″ yellow cake, with buttercream. It came in at a whopping 7″ tall. Huge. We had a massive Halloween/Birthday party and as always, the cake got devoured! I used this Spider template for the top of the […]

Favorite Things Thursday

Ok. I know..I have recieved your emails. I slacked on Favorite Things Thursday last week. Sorry my lovelies, I was traveling. And this week, I am prepping for our Halloween party. So guess what? I’m a slacker today too. Next week, I’ll be back….pinky promise. But you want to know what my Favorite Things are […]

Ghost Cookies

So these are supposed to look like ghosts. Humor me, k? It’s all I got for Halloween. Does that make me a bad recipe website? So be it. I’m o.k with it. These are meringue type cookies without the Cream of Tartar. I’m not big on Meringue cookies, but these are quite tasty. Light as […]

White Cupcakes for a {virtual} Baby Shower

Welcome to Kristans of Confessions of a Cookbook Queens {virtual} baby shower! I decided on white on white cupcakes, cause I’m boring and predictable. No, truthfully, I like clean and simple. Soo, white on white is what I wanted. Cute huh? These cupcakes would be perfect for just about any ocassion. Think white wedding cupcakes, […]

Garlic & White Wine Chicken Scaloppine & Giveaway

Oh how I wish I could call this recipe my own. I used  a McCormick® Gourmet Recipe Mix. (go check out all the flavors) The Garlic & White Wine Chicken Scaloppine flavor. I’m not usually one to turn to “pre-made” sauce or spice mixes, but I’ll try anything once. My family loved love loved this […]

Slow Cooker Meals & a True Story

My life has been crazy. I might have just lost my mind. Lemme tell you a true story. Picture this….. 6:30 am and no coffee. I have a headache. Hovering over my dog who has a cold, making sure he eats some food so I can shove his antibiotics down his throat. Twittling his pill […]

Favorite Things Thursday

What’s your favorite perfume? How long have you been wearing the same scent? I wear Angel by Thierry Mugler. I’ve been wearing it EVERYDAY for the past 10 + or so years……and EVERY SINGLE day I get…… “Ohhh, you smell great!” “You smell great, what are you wearing?” “Are you wearing Angel?” “Someone smells good” […]

What’s Behind Those Doors?

Hi all, I’m being featured over at  my friends Shelly and Kristans site, That’s What We Said. They have a fun feature on the site, “What’s in your” People do purses, fridges and dipaer bags. I thought I would shake it up a bit and do Whats under my bathroom sink. So if your a […]

Maple Cinnamon Banana Bundt Cake

Four boobs. Have I lost you? Do you know what “Four Boobs” is? I dunno, maybe I made it up. “Four Boobs” is an actual medical condition when a womans boobs are overfilling her bra causing the boobs to spill out of the top of her bra. This condition cause the unsightly appearance of boobs […]

Favorite Things Thursday

The old Gal is a bit beat up…She get thrown back in the drawer several times a day. I can not explain to you my deep and undying love for my hair dryer. Can you marry a hair dryer? Oh, I might make it on “My Strange Addiction” I have the BaBliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme […]

Chia Seeds

I got several emails asking what the black specks were in my post Tangy Salad Dressing post. Some asked if they were poppy seeds. Well they kinda look like them from afar. Nope, they are Chia Seeds. Yes..Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia seeds. The same Chia seeds you would use to spread on your ceramic Sponge Bob head and […]

Italian Wedding Cookies

So what’s your take on weddings? For me, weddings are the sole reason the phrase, “I am never drinking again.” comes out of my mouth. You can’t expect me to go to an establishment , where just so happens 2 people are exchanging nuptials, and say, “Open Bar”. Open Bar? For Real? Sweet You see, […]