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Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies & Giveaway

These cookies….. ARE AMAZING. AND BUTTERY. AND LEMONY. AND SOFT. Notice the all caps? Yep, they are that good. Annnnnnd, super easy and quick to make. 5.0 from 2 reviews Print Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Author: Leslie Green – The Hungry Housewife Recipe type: Dessert,cookie Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  10 mins Total time:  15 mins […]

Favorite Things Thursday

This might seem like the most ridiculous kitchen gadget ever. Egg Rings. But they are totally not! I use them allll the time. I love making breakfast sandwiches and I like my egg to be nice and formed to fit on my English Muffin prefectly. All you do is pre-heat your pan, rub a tiny […]

Biscoff Cheesecake Pudding Cookies

I have something to get off my chest. I hate rude people. HATE.. Seriously, what has happened to man kind? People are so self absorbed that they have no awareness of their surroundings or how they make people feel. Example…. When I let someone out in traffic, I at least expect a little wave. Do […]

Bacon Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Ohhhh, no you don’t. Wipe that turned up lip right off your face. Chocolate and Bacon are totally a thing… I swear, I saw it on the internets. My taste testers said, the bacon flavor was not at all overpowering. Just a hint of smokiness. They were pretty darn tasty. Come on, be a little […]

Caramel and Coconut Chocolate Covered Pretzels

No Favorite Things Thursday today. But I have my favorite chocolate covered pretzels for you. Theeeeeeeeeese are my favorite. You know what they remind me of? Samoa Girls Scout Cookies! uh-huh…they sure do. Oh my. Gooey caramel, chocolate and toasted coconut. All my favorite things in one place. It’s a happy day. Do me a […]

Double Peanut Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Kids are back to school. Have yours gotten sick yet? Both my kids have ┬ámissed a day of school. We have already gotten the “someone in school has lice” letter. I have heard, “Ewwww, Mom, guess who threw up in lunch.” “There’s a kids in class who picks his nose and eats it.” Our offspring […]

Strawberry Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I love love love Chocolate Covered Strawberries. It only seemed fitting to make them in a pretzel rod form. Not really possible to use fresh strawberries,…that would be interesting. Soooooo, dried strawberries it is. Hope you like these, they are tasty and pretty! Again, below is my video on how to get a smooth pretzel. […]

S’mores Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Welcome, Welcome. Welcome to the most delicious week ever! Chocolate Covered Pretzel Week. Chocolate Covered Pretzels have to be like the most easiest little tasty treat you can possible make. You need pretzels, chocolate and a topping(s) if desired. So this week I am going to be sharing FIVE different chocolate covered pretzels with you. […]

Favorite Things Thursday

If you bake and frost cakes, you CAN NOT be without a Revolving Cake Stand. I believe it is KEY to a lovely looking cake. Really, do you want to stop piping a beautiful border just to adjust your cake you have sitting on the counter? Nope. I love mine. I have the Aetco 612 […]

Easy White Pizza with Sausage

Don’t look at this pizza for one second and think my kids ate this. They did not. Boring kids that they are, they got cheese. Friday night is homemade pizza night at our house. Those kids of mine get cheese, but I always mix it up for the mans and I. Ok, we all get […]

Bacon and Tomato Crostinis & Giveaway

Happy International Bacon the best holiday ever. I actually think bacon needs a whole month of dedication. You can’t get much more versatile than bacon. I prefer it Straight Up. Extra Crispy. I remember back in High School I would cook a pound of bacon and eat it in one sitting. True story. Back […]