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Browned Butter Roasted Banana Bread

I know, I know. I just posted banana bread…a chocolate banana bread in fact. But I had lots of bananas and buttermilk, and my mama always told me not to waste. Back in the day, I posted my famous Banana Bread. It made it rounds around the web and I got nothing by praise about […]

Burrata Cheese Appetizer

Have you ever had Burrata Cheese? It is like the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. What is Burrata Cheese? Other than being angels singing in my mouth? It is mozzarella cheese cooked in salted water for a few minutes, pulled apart then given the chance to soak up some heavy […]

Favorite Things Thursday

See this cute little dog? We call him “Fluffy Butt”. He likes licking ears and eyeballs. His actual name is Winston, quite a regal name for a Chihuahua. He sheds like mad. The amount of hair that comes off this little 10 pound creature is unreal. I even use the Furminator (a previous Favorite Things […]

Chocolate Banana Bread

Some might say it’s too hot to bake. I say it’s never too hot to bake. Sure, I live in Florida. But in Florida, central a/c is a MUST. So baking doesn’t heat my house. Just crank down the air a bit…or turn on a fan..or bake naked. You will be fine. I know we […]