Favorite Things Thursday

Please, please, pretty please, tell me you don’t use a pepper shaker with the pre ground pepper.

I mean, I won’t judge you or anything, well maybe just a little.

Getting a pepper mill changed my life…transformed it.

Freshly ground pepper is WAY WAY WAY better than the pre-ground variety.

Do me a favor and go buy one. You will love me forever and ever.

I am expecting marriage proposals.


There are lots of different varieties..

You have the standard wood one like mine.
A fancy French One
A handy dandy electronic one
One kinda like Paula Deen uses
And I think this one is my favorite!

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    I SO SO SO agree!! It ranks up there with using fresh herbs instead of dried!!

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    Yep, totally agree! Life-changing!

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    Getting a pepper mill changed my cooking too. My mum still buys ground pepper and I secretly (or not so secretly) judge her for it šŸ™‚