Favorite Things Thursday

Salad Chopper

The Silvermark Toss & Chop is pretty much the best invention ever.(couldn’t find a website for the actual company)

I have had this handy tool for, oh, probably 6 or so years. It is used EVERY time I make a salad. I am not one for big huge pieces  of lettuce in my salad, so this is perfect. You can chop a little or chop a lot depending how small you like you lettuce.

Another plus is when I am making the salad, I throw the lettuce in the bowl and everything else  in whole, like cherry tomatoes, pecans, cheese and then just use the Toss & Chop to chop everything up for me. Basically, it cuts most of the prep work out of making a salad!

I may or may not have been know to put this hand dandy tool in a large zip lock bag and take it to restaurants with me.

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And onto the winner of my Blendtec Blender Giveaway. And what a popular giveaway is was with 1156 comments.

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    I have never seen this before. I love seeing what handy kitchen tools other use. What an easy way to make a chopped salad…which is my favorite too. I have a few favorite things that I use in my kitchen about everyday. Not all of them are very expensive…like chopsticks, they stay in my tool jar on the counter. 🙂

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    Congratulations to the winner!!!!!

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    Wow, I never seen that tool before, it looks pretty cool.