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Favorite Thing Thursday

I would die without my Sonicare toothbrush. Ok, so maybe I am being a little over dramatic. My teeth would fall out without my Sonicare. Still too much? Well what ever, I love love love my toothbrush. Seriously, you know that clean feeling you have when you leave the dentist? Imagine that every time you […]

Welcome to Moe’s & GIVEAWAY

Welcome to MOOOOOOOOE’s! Did you hear it as you read it? I love the warm welcome you get every time you step into a Moe’s Southwest Grill. Have you been to Moe’s? Yes, well then you know the deliciousness that awaits you as you walk in the door. No? Well hop on over to Moe’s […]

Beefy Skillet Lasagna ($10 Meal)

I just love when I get the steam coming of a dish when I snap a shot! So, what is your go to meal when you are in a rush? In my opinion, there is nothing easier than a nice pasta and sauce dish. I usually make my own sauce, but when you are knee […]

Cheesy Crescent Rolls

“Man, these would get tore up at a party!” That was a quote from my husband when he tasted these little gems. I had an extra tube of crescent rolls left over from when I made my scrumptious Crescent Cinnamon Rolls. Alouette sent me some of their new Cheddar Cheese Spread.  I thought they would […]

How Long Does Food Last?

I am sooooo bad at figuring out if my food is still good to eat! I found this cute as can be little graphic in in Daily Savings from All You and I thought I would share it with y’all. You’re welcome, don’t mention it. [Source: Daily Savings from All You]

Banana Cake Balls

Small things are generally cute, with the exception of small zits and fire ants. Small balls are cute. And when they are covered in chocolate, that just puts them over the top. Well then let’s add some pound cake, Jell-O pudding mix and banana. We are now officially exploding with delicious cuteness. These would be […]

Favorite Things Thursday

A few years ago, I got off my wallet, went to Williams-Sonoma and bought some knives, very expensive knives. Then a few months later,my sister and I took our Mom to the Metropolitan Cooking show to have lunch with Paula Deen ( yeah, we are good daughters) oh and we meet her scrumptious boys too! […]

Chocolate and Raspberry Beggars Purses /GIVEAWAY

Our dear friends from Kauai were recently staying with us with their adorable 8 month old. Vacationing from Kawaii??? I know, seems kinda crazy huh? House guests=taste testers in my house. I tell them “honest opinions only” or they won’t be cooked dinner.  The first variety of these I made were chocolate and peanut butter. […]

Beef Lettuce Wraps with Fried Rice ($10 Meal)

Don’t you just love lettuce wraps? You can eat a plethora of them and not feel guilty or feel like you need to go purge. I honestly don’t remember the first place I had them, put I remember the coolness of the crispy lettuce against the piping hot filling. It was pure heaven. And very […]

Creamy Pesto Pasta with 4 Cheese Italian Sausage

Did you know I LOVE being a food blogger. It gives me a voice. A voice to tell people about wonderful things. Companies look to me to get the word out about wonderful promotions that you might not otherwise know about. Johnsonville Sausage invited me to be a part of their Johnsonville Kitchens Community Blogging […]

Favorite Things Thursday

I can not express to you how much I love these LorAnn Bakery Emulsion flavorings. I use them as much as I can. They are magical. Throw some in your boxed cake mix and none will know it’s a boxed cake! The Princess Cake & Cookie gives ordinary sugar cookies a little something special. I […]

Red Gold Tomato Giveaway

The brand of tomato sauce can make or break a meal. I have had some bad in my day. They shall remain nameless, but some taste like you are eating a spoonful of tinfoil  and some are so bland that you wonder if it is just a red dyed substance. The line of Red Gold […]