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Favorite Things Thursday

**First don’t forget to enter my delicious Smucker’s Giveaway” Click HERE to enter. Living in Florida means wearing flip flops or open heeled shoes 99.9% of the year. When your heels are constantly exposed to the elements they get cracked and dry. You know what I mean…we have all seen the BAD cases. Someone in […]

A Delicious Smucker’s Giveaway

Black and White or Color..I can’t decide which photo I like best?? How bout you? And will you take a look at those whole blueberries in the Smucker’s Orchards Finest. It’s my FAV! Toast and jam reminds me of when I was a kid. I remember when I stayed home from school, my Mom would […]

Lemon Pepper Chicken Skillet ($10 meal)

This is such a pretty dish, kinda hard to believe it only cost $10 to make. But it did. I created this recipe for Sweetbay Supermarket and it had to come in under $10. Feeding a family of four can be easy with Sweetbay Supermarkets fresh ingredients and top-quality meats at low prices. Another thing […]

Valentines Jello Hearts

Valentines Day. Do you like it? Me..I’m on the fence. Maybe back in High School when the boys were romantic, it was a cutsie and stuff. But I have come to the realization the Valentines day is a Hallmark Day. I mean unless your man is Uber romantic, it will probably be just another day…..sigh. […]

Nutella Recipes

Man, I totally forgot it was World Nutella Day. Pretty sure it should be a religious holiday. Since I forgot, I obviously didn’t  make anything. I will share the Nutella Recipes on my site for you… by far, this unassuming drink is the most popular thing on my blog, NUTELLA HOT CHOCOLATE Nutella Peanut Butter […]

Smucker’s Trip

AROUND THE FAMILY TABLE WITH SMUCKER’S 2011 I had the pleasure of being invited to Smucker’s in Orville, Ohio this past November. I must say that it was pretty amazing. 18 bloggers got to go hang out, laugh, eat and learn. You cant ask for more. It is so wonderful seeing a company like Smucker’s […]

Favorite Things Thursday

Another Favorite Things Thursday Addition. You like so far? Or should I stick to just recipes? Alllllll right can you guess the photo? Did you guess? If you guessed the best invention ever, well then you guessed right! They are Corn Cob Nobs from Pampered Chef.  I have had them forever and ever. Ok, you […]

Apple Crisp Wasa Crackers and Giveaway

When you go to a party, say a Super Bowl Party, there is usually a table full of not so good for you food. The desserts are what get me. Not to say they aren’t delicious, but they are not so good for your waistline. I wanted to lighten things up a bit. These in […]