Favorite Things Thursday

Another Favorite Things Thursday Addition.

You like so far? Or should I stick to just recipes?

Alllllll right can you guess the photo?

Did you guess?

If you guessed the best invention ever, well then you guessed right!

They are Corn Cob Nobs from Pampered Chef.  I have had them forever and ever.

Ok, you know when you boil corn and you have to take the hot corn cobs and play hot potato with them to get these yellow beauties in them???
What a P.I.A. those are!

The good thing about the little green knobs is that you screw them in BEFORE you boil the corn.


Then you toss them in the water.

Boil the corn. And then when you drain the corn, you can immediately handle the corn by the green corn cob holders. They are instantly cool to touch!

Pretty cool, huh. Oh and they are only $4 for 8 of them!!!

Love love love it!

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  1. 1

    Yes, those are very cool!! I used to sell PC & they didn’t have those back then…sniff. I may have to pick some up for summertime!

  2. 2

    We eat so much corn on the cob in the summer…and now I won’t have to burn my fingertips anymore! Great product!

  3. 3

    they look cool


  4. 4

    Corn makes life so much better when it’s on the cob. Aww yeah.

  5. 5

    Nifty little invention – I really must search those out before corn season gets here!!!!

  6. 6

    I used to have a set of those…lost them in a move. And I never knew you could boil the corn with them on!! I am going to have to buy a new set! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  7. 7

    I love a glimpse at your favorite things. I change my girl holiday gift exchange to a my favorite things party. It was a huge hit. So fun to see the little things that people love especially if they are genius like these.

  8. 8

    hELLO?!! Can I tell you how many YEARS I’ve been using those corn knobs & struggling to put them on AFTER the corn is done??!! I could hug you right now!!!!!! Genius & I will continually thank you everytime I put them on BEFORE boiling them 🙂 YOU ROCK!!!

  9. 9

    So my only question is since they are plastic they aren’t too hard to screw into the uncooked corn? I assume not.

  10. 11

    where have these been all my life?

  11. 12

    bring on the strippers!! 😉

  12. 13

    Genius! Now I’m craving some really buttery corn on the cob…

  13. 14

    I love those corn-shaped corn cob nobs!

  14. 15

    Ingenious!! What else can I say…
    Take care.

  15. 16

    oh my word i am dying over here. i have used these and loved them forever and even sold pampered chef for many years. WHY oh WHY did I not know to put them in before cooking the corn

  16. 17

    I have those as well! Don’t they make life so much easier? Everything about them is fabulous.