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Pear and Apple Pork Chops with Stuffing ($10 Meal)

When Sweetbay Supermarket came to me to develop recipes for them for a new program they were launching I was so excited. They wanted to launch a challenge to all of their shoppers. What is the challenge you may ask? Feed a family of 4 for $10 or less. I was up for it, ohhhh, […]

How to make Vanilla Sugar

Last year when I threw my sisters baby shower( you can view the awesome-ness here ), I didn’t want to give away a favor that was a cheap-y piece of plastic or something that someone was just going to throw away. I was going to make homemade jam to send home with the guests, but […]

Chicken and Dumplings

What?…were you expecting a salad or something? Pfftttt. I think Chicken and Dumplings has to be one of my all time favorite comfort foods. It’s really not all that bad for you either. I mean there is no butter or oil in there. Sure the flour and the Bisquick turn right into sugars, but seriously, […]

Top 10 Recipes of 2011

Hi all, I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season. Mine, like I am sure everyone else’s was packed full and honestly is a bit of a blurr. I spent the last half of my Birthday(Christmas Eve) and into Christmas day cleaning up after my daughter who had the stomach virus. Poor little thing..who wants […]