Pinkalicious Cupcake Sugar Cookies

pinkalicious sugar cookies

How super duper cute are these cookies? I mean, they are totally adorable.

If you have a young girl in the house, I am sure you are familiar with the wildly popular children’s book Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann.  It’s about a girl who doesn’t listen to her parents when they tell her to stop eating the pink cupcakes and then she eats “Just one more pink cupcake” and she turns PINK!!!! It really is a great story.

My daughters school was having their fall festival, and her classes basket for the silent auction was everything Pinkalicious and or pink!!! So naturally I donated 1/2 dozen homemade Pinkalicious Cupcake Sugar Cookies! Yeah, I know, I am cool. Now only if my kids would think so!!!


pinkalicious sugar cookies


  1. 1

    you are so good at that.
    one of these days you need to teach me this.

  2. 2

    Ohh man, my daughter would go nuts for these. The theme in her bedroom is Pinkalicious, I actually hand painted her cupcakes on the wall and she has a giant Pinkalicious figure on one wall
    Great job!!

  3. 3

    How cute! My little five-year-old granddaughter would love these!

  4. 4

    Those are adorable!! SO cute 🙂

  5. 5

    I don’t have any girls, but I LOVE the pink cupcakes cookies! You rock that!

  6. 6

    So pretty and totally pinkalicous! You inspire me so much leslie! Thank you!!!!!

  7. 7

    my daughter LOVES Pinkalicious!!!!!

  8. 8

    I love these cookies, my friend who is a cupcake baker would think they are fabulous.

  9. 9

    How do you frost like that? I keep looking for classes where I live and I can’t find any. Please teach me (us)!

  10. 11

    So cute! I wish I had the patience (and talent) to make such things!

  11. 12

    OMG my 4 year old daughter would go NUTS for these. I feel like a horrible mom already for NOT having made her some sort of Pinkalicious treat already! These are perfection. Well done, my dear!

  12. 13

    These are adorable! I am so intimidated by cookie decorating!

  13. 14

    These are adorable! I know several little girls who would go crazy for these cookies.

  14. 15

    Love these!!! So pretty.

  15. 16

    These are exactly what you said..too cute!! Love them 🙂

  16. 17

    Ohhh my! These are freaking adorable!

  17. 18

    These are SO adorable!!

  18. 19

    You are so brilliant at decorating cakes and cookies. These are smashing!

  19. 20

    I think you are way cool. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for Pinkalicious.

  20. 21

    I have no girls to make these for but I love them, totally adorable!!

  21. 22

    Too cute to eat!

  22. 23

    LOVE these! They are so cute and girly!

  23. 24

    these are adorable cookie,wish I had a bite 🙂

  24. 25

    love them, so adorable!

  25. 26

    *faint* Those are SO cute. I haven’t read the book but it sounds sweet 🙂

  26. 27

    Those a freakin’ adorable! I love that book – it’s so sweet (giggle).

  27. 28

    Gorgeous. My daughter loves Pinkalicious and would love these.

  28. 29

    These are so cute Leslie!! I love them to bits. Too bad my little girl is 13 and wouldn’t care much about how cute they are!! I need to adopt a little girl STAT! Thanks for sharing!


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