Parchment Paper Tip

Parchment paper has a million ka-billion (it’s a real number look it up, oh wait not it’s not) uses in the house. I go through rolls and rolls of it. While the kids like to color on it, I like to use it in the bathroom. Nope, I kid. I obviously use it in the kitchen, however I am sure there are bathroom uses. I probably would not recommend wiping with it, might be a little rough.

Cookie sheets get lined with parchment paper, brownie pans get lines with parchment paper and certainly cake pans.
I DARE not bake a cake without it being lined with the magic paper. No more cakes sticking to the bottom of the cake pan. It is glorious stuff I tell you.  Oh, you know what? It makes for easy clean up, since my husbands cleans the dishes, he loves to see the parchment paper out.

I am going to show you a faster and easier way to line your cake pans with parchment paper. I might save you 30 seconds or so. Instead of tracing out your cake pan and then cutting out an entire circle, try it this way……..

Parchment Paper Tip

You need- your pan, parchment paper, a pencil and scissors

Parchment Paper Tip

Tear out enough parchment paper to cover the bottom of the pan

Parchment Paper Tip

Trace the pan onto the paper with a pencil


Perfect Circle

Parchment Paper Tip

Line up the pencil marks by holding the paper up to the light


Fold the paper in half

Parchment Paper Tip

Fold the paper in half again, again by lining up the pencil marks

Parchment Paper Tip

Cut the paper about 1/8-1/4" from the pencil mark



Parchment Paper Tip


Parchment Paper Tip

Place the parchment paper in the pan


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    This is one of those moments when I do my Homer Simpson impression… you know, smacking the forehead and like that’s not enough in itself you have to add a profound “DOH!” to it for sound effect. I fight with my parchment paper. It usually wins. I think I’ll win the next battle with this tip though. =D My dad’s birthday is this weekend which means I’ll be baking tomorrow. Perfect time for a new trick to try. Yay!

  2. 2

    You are so friggin’ smart!! Genius, I tell you!

  3. 3

    It’s always the simplest solutions we never think of, isn’t it!! Thanks! 🙂

  4. 4

    You’re a GENIUS!! If only making the perfect cake could be that simple for me 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  5. 5

    well now isnt that the smartest thing………will be forever grateful for the tip…..thank you

  6. 6

    Ha! I just bought more parchment paper and was thinking about how frustrating it is. Thought I, “I’d rather just scrub the pans than fight with the paper.” No more! Thanks for your tip!

  7. 7

    Love this tip. Now can you teach me how to get my hubby to do the dishes?

  8. 9

    I use parchment for all the uses you mention but I’ve never thought of giving it to my son to color on. Brilliant! He’ll love nice long piece of it. Thanks!

  9. 10

    Great tip! One of those things that you don’t realize you can do until someone else shows you how! Love it.

  10. 11

    Awesome tip! I love the stuff too!!!

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  12. 14

    So brilliant!