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  To wash or not to wash?-That is the question. Some people brush them off with a paper towel. Some people rinse them in water. How do YOU clean your mushrooms?

Organization Tip

I am allllll about being organized. ¬†Everything in my house has “A Place”. The minute my home gets unorganized or messy or things are out of place, I start getting pissy ( my husband can attest to this fact). Do you have a messy kitchen gadget drawer that houses your measuring spoons? Well, get them […]

Sour Cream Chicken

¬† I can sure make some ugly food. But just casue it is ugly ,does not mean it was not delicious. If you look around on my blog, you will not see much food styling going on. I take the photos as they appear on my plate, little no NO EDITING, because are you really […]


CONTEST CLOSED Remember a couple of posts back I made these delicious cookies? The recipe came from the fabulous Crisco Cookie Central. Their fabulous website dedicated to all things cookies and bar desserts. They have recipes, tips, videos and a plethora of recipes. I love having all of these delightful recipes all in one convenient […]