Crisco Cookie Central Giveaway Winner

I know I was supposed to pick the winner tonight at 9 pm, but you see, I am dealing with “Operation Puke Fest” here at the home-front.
Yep..Pukefest, you haven’t heard about it? It’s superfun.
It’s when both of your kids, in the middle of the night, start tossing their
Five Guys..cookies simultaneously.
A great time to be had by all.

Congratulations have 72 business hours to contact me or another winner will be picked.


  1. 1

    Oh Jeez. I hope it’s all over by now!

  2. 3

    food poisoning? yeah not fun. clean up even worse.

  3. 4

    Oh yayness! LOL I knew if I kept entering your contests I was bound to win one eventually. =) Thank you! How shall I contact you? Your contact form on here? Facebook? E-mail?

    I hope the kids are feeling better soon! I don’t have kids but I have pets and I know it’s not fun when they are sick either. (I somehow think kids being sick must surely be worse in terms of clean-up.)

  4. 8

    Congrats to the winner!

  5. 9

    So sorry you have sick kids ~ and I feel for them! How do you get the Random Org thingy to publish like this? I’ve tried and tried ~ not successful at all.

    Good luck to all of you today ~ hope the illness ends soon!

    • 10

      Thanks Pat..I just take a “screen shot” of the random org thing . On my MAC is is command-shift-4
      then I download it to my desktop and upload it as a photo into my post.

  6. 11

    Feel better to all at your house Les. I pray you don’t get it!