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CONTEST CLOSED!!!! TAP..TAP..this thing on???Before I give something away to one of you..I have a bone to pick with you..yes YOU.Remember this post, when I asked you what you wanted me to change about my blog.You said…1) Get rid of the black background with white writing…….CHECK..done.2)More videos……..CHECK..done3)More posts………CHECK..done So whats up? Did you all desert […]

Mini Pillsbury Brownie Flowers

Ok, so these might uber creative. But I think my creative juices have been zapped for the week.If you follow me on Facebook, you know what I mean. These Pillsbury Brownie Minis are the best invention since toilet paper.You have the option of making 6 brownie minis or 12 brownies. umm, hello..that is my cup […]