Mini Pillsbury Brownie Flowers

Pillsbury Mini Brownie Flowers

Ok, so these might uber creative. But I think my creative juices have been zapped for the week.
If you follow me on Facebook, you know what I mean.

These Pillsbury Brownie Minis are the best invention since toilet paper.
You have the option of making 6 brownie minis or 12 brownies. umm, hello..that is my cup of tea!
That way I can eat just 6 instead of 12!
The second best part..all you need is water.
And they are tasty little things.

No recipe needed for these cute little flowers.
Just cook 6 or 12 Pillsbury Brownie Minis according to the package directions.
Swirl the Pillsbury Easy Frost No Fuss frosting in Vanilla Dream over the top of the cooled brownie.
With the Pillsbury Easy Frost Frosting in Decedent Chocolate Fudge, place a small amount in the cented of the frosted brownie mini.
Sprinkle with some coarse sugar.


  1. 1
    Leslie M. says:

    These look fabulous Les!!! Was I right about you and your adorable desserts! Sigh! You've outdone me again! hahahha

    Love you!! You baker you!!!
    The other Les,
    Leslie Loves Veggies

  2. 2
    peachkins says:

    these look cute and amazing!

  3. 3
    JanaStarlite says:

    How easy can you get??
    Thanks for posting…

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    Shanae Branham says:

    How adorable! I am glad I stopped by today. By the way, I have a contest giveaway on my blog you might find fun. Take a look.

  5. 5

    this are adorable and look delicious!

  6. 6
    Katrina says:

    Love the little chocolate flowers!

  7. 7

    following you on Twitter!

  8. 8

    Oh my goodness! These look silly delicious!!! Bookmarked!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  9. 9
    Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Great video 🙂 Those little flowers look great!