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Ice Cream Bread

Yes, you heard me correct- ICE CREAM BREAD. All is right in the world. Ice cream and self rising flour have made beautiful food love and made delicious babies. Perfectly soft bread babies. The ice cream only slightly sweetens the bread and lends just a tiny bit of the flavor of the ice cream. Heaven […]

Roasted Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

*Don’t for get to enter my giveaway for 4 signed copies of Rocco Dispiritos New Cookbook. Click HERE to enter. I am so terriable sorry that I have kept this recipe from you. I was going through my iphoto and saw this tomato soup photo from Jan 19th, 2009. It’s ok to call me a […]

Signed Rocco Dispirito Cookbook GIVEAWAY

CONTEST CLOSED I don’t know about you, but I think Rocco is pretty YUMMY. ANNOUNCING THE HEALTHY-DIET  EXCLUSIVE COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY **Rocco has hooked me up with 4 signed copies of Now Eat This! Diet to give away to my readers!!** Going on a diet does not necessarily mean saying farewell to all of your favorite […]


**CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME AS YOUR FAVORITE MOM FOOD BLOGGER** Are you heading to Atlanta this May for the BlogHer Food Conference? On Thursday evening, May 19th, I am co-hosting an exclusive blogger event at the Hard Rock CafĂ©, along with the Host, Susan of She’s Becoming DoughMesstic and my co-host Brandi of […]

Frito-Lay Flavor Kitchen Tour {Part 2}

So amazingly, I actually did make it to Dallas after my plane debacle.Today I am going to take you on a tour of the kitchen and my next post I will tell you all about the fabulous people!Believe it or not, I did not break, knock over or burn anything in the Flavor Kitchen. Shocking, […]

Frito-Lay {Part One}

See that above? It is the AMAZING Frito-Lay flavor kitchen. That I almost didn’t get to see.Here’s the story.2 issues. 1) I am blond and 2) I am blond Picked up at my house by a driver in a nice shiny black Cadillac Escalade. (Frito treats us GOOD)Get dropped off at Tampa International.Get on the […]

Thin Mint Truffles-The Winner-And a Video

OH..By the Way..a box of Samoas has 980 Calories. Yeah me! Don’t forget to vote for me as one of your Favorite Mom Food Blogs on Babble.comClick HERE to voteTHIN MINT TRUFFLESPrinter Friendly Version 1/2 box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (1 sleeve) + 3 cookies4 oz Cream Cheese, softened In a food processor, […]

I BEG of you!

Ok.. I have never asked you guys to do anything for me, right?I mean, I give and give and give(yummy recipes) and don’t ask anything in return.Well now I am. Actually I am not asking, I am begging on hands and knees. Groveling if you will.I was emailed and told I was voted for one […]

Guinness Shepherd’s Pie

It has happened TWICE in the history of the Hungry Housewife blog. I have repeated a recipe TWICE. So quite yer bitchin’. I have gotten countless emails on this Guinness Shepherd’s Pie and how delicious it is when someone makes it. It has even been featured on Craft and their newsletter. So if the […]

Crisco Mediterranean Inspired GIVEAWAY

CONTEST CLOSED Yes another giveaway. I hope you don’t mind. Giveaways are my way of saying THANK YOU for reading my blog!!! Get your thinking caps on. Think Mediterranean flavors.Crisco wants you to submit your favorite recipe and essay at Get in the Crisco Mediterranean Inspirations Contest for a chance to win a trip […]

Pillsbury Winner

And the winner is ….Leslie M!!!Leslie writes the blog Leslie Loves VeggiesCongratulations Leslie.

Evil Chocolate Mint Cake with Mint Fudge Icing

This is the glorious cake I teased about on FaceBook. Are you following The Hungry Housewife On FaceBook yet? NO? Click HEREThere..all better. Geeze, I am having writing block. Work had a bad week last week. Had to put Archie(my cat) to sleep and my daughter got bit by some sort of nasty spider. […]