Pillsbury Baking Ideas-Video Post

All of my comments from the past 4 posts were deleted 🙁
Thank you to Pillsbury for this opportunity.
Hop on over to Pillsbury for some delicious recipes and tips.


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    Wow. Haven't even heard of half those products. They sound delish! I must check out our local stores tomorrow while I am there and see if they are even up here in Canada. I will be sad if they are not.



    How about chocolate shaped Easter eggs. You know….baked in those individual egg shape pans with your cake mixes. (Gee, I hope you know what I am talking about…I too have problems with descriptive words. Lol.) Anyway….with your frosting cans you could decorate the chocolate eggs with designs just as you would when you color Easter eggs!

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    hi sweet my name is Fatima i live DOWN UNDER yes Australia i love your stuff….BUT we dont get Fillsbury how can i get it all pls i really mean it??? HELP!!!

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    Hi Les.. how were your comments deleted? Anyway, you are always hilarious and I love you! Love your video posts BTW!

    PS move to Word Press!! It's time kiddo!
    The other Les
    Leslie Loves Veggies

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    4littlefergusons says:

    Hmm, it's hard to think of something "Spring-ish" show-casing chocolate and vanilla frosting. I have a darling marshmallow flower cupcake recipe, but it hides the frosting, so that'd do you no good! Sorry, and GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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    Hmmm. well its harder to do "spring" since you only have white and brown frosting but what if you did a bunny (for Eater) cake? They are white and they can have brown eyes or spots??

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    oh, wait I thought of something else…is the frosting good for cookies too? what if you did some sugar cookies in different flower shapes (on a stick, for the stem) and you could even put them in a vase to serve them 🙂

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    Hey, I have a can of that vanilla frosting in my cupboard right now. hehe My oldest niece loves it – I made mini cupcakes and left them unfrosted and whenever she wanted one she was allowed to help herself and decorate them however she pleased. =)

    Spring ideas… hmmm. What about a flower cake, with some cupcakes decorated like bumblebees placed around it? I think that would be totally adorable. In fact I may have to do that myself sometime soon. LOL

    I'll have to get back to you if I can come up with any other ideas but for now that's all I can think of.

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    Dude. Where can I get some of those brownie bites?! Coolest idea EVER!

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    Hmmm, not sure right off hand what you should do, but I have a feeling you'll rock it on coming up with some ideas. I love free stuff. Enjoy! 😉

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    Oh! A butterfly cake! =D Or an Easter Basket cake, filled with "egg" cupcakes and those brownie bites as chocolates. Great. I'm craving all sorts of baked goods now. Guess I'm baking this weekend… :p

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    I'll try this again, I don't think my last one came through…does the frosting also work on cookies? you could make some sugar cookies shaped like flowers (maybe daisies) put them on a stick (like a wood skewer) for the stem, frost them with the white…oh and maybe even put a brownie piece in the middle and you can even serve them out of a vase 🙂

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    You are so cute!! Loving this 'lil video girl 🙂

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    I have no ideas for you because I am sick and haven't slept much in the past few days. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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    OK…this may be too involved, but what if you made the brownie bites into egg shapes if there is a mold that accomodates that. Then, cover them in white chocolate and decorate them as Easter eggs? Not sure if the white chocolate encasing the egg shaped brownie bites (that also have raspberry or caramel) would be too much going on flavor/sweetness wise, but then you could decorate the eggs with some piped colored icings. Did Pillsbury say you could only use those products, or is my suggestion allowed?

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    I tried to post a minute ago, but didn't see it come through, so I'm sorry if this shows as a duplicate.

    Can you only use the items they sent? If not, then what if you made the brownie bites into egg shapes with the pan suggested above, then cover them in melted white chocolate and then decorate the eggs with piped colored royal icing. I'm not sure if the white chocolate would be too much going on with the brownies, and the raspberry or caramel fillings. It might be too sweet. But, an idea to make it springy!
    Or, what if you used the funfetti cake to make cupcakes, then use the vanilla frosting and pipe some into the center of the cupcake to add even more yummy goodness. Then use the two frosting cans to decorate them as bunnies (white or chocolate frosting with a star tip could be use to make "fur"). Use additional frostings, candies, etc, to make eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.

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    Just had another idea…what if you tried to use the brownie bites to recreate a more "adult" version of the cadbury egg? You have ones that have a caramel center, right? What if you made them into an egg shape and then piped in some of the vanilla frosting into the center? Not sure if that would work or how big you can make the brownie bites, but that might be super yummy and an "adult" version of the cadbury. If you have to bake them in the regular tins that Pillsbury supplies you could still pipe the frosting into them. You could call them Cadbury Brownie Bites or something. If you wanted an extra sugar jolt, you could even frost the top.

    OK…sorry for the multiple posts!

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    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Loved the video. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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    cookies and cups says:

    ha! I got the same package a few weeks ago!! Looks like a bake-off if you ask me 😉
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

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    Liz @ Two Maids a Milking says:

    My idea is to bake a cake and decorate it like an Easter basket and then use the other cupcake like things (forget there name) as eggs. I did something similar with sugar cookies,