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Bunny Garden Cupcakes

Don’t forget to LIKE the Hungry Housewife on Facebook! Here are some more adorable Spring Themed Cupcakes I created for Pillsbury.Are you noticing a theme here??? SIMPLE. Nothing too complicated and totally kid friendly. Bunny Garden CupcakesMakes 24 cupcakes1 box Pillsbury Funfetti Cake mix3 eggs1 cup water1/3 cup oil24 cupcake wrappers24 Bunny Shaped Marshmallows240 (about) green […]

Flower Pot Lollipop Cupcakes

Here are some ADORABLE Flower Pot Lollipop Cupcakes that I created for Pillsbury.Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen? Here is a video tutorial on how to make them. FLOWER POT LOLLIPOP CUPCAKESMakes 24 cupcakes 1 box Pillsbury Funfetti Cake mix3 eggs1 cup water1/3 cup oil24 cupcake wrappers24 Lollipops48 mint leaves1 can […]

Greek Chicken and Tomato Pasta

Please make this, pretty pretty please. It is am amazing chicken dinner with light but delicious flavors.I have never cooked with kalamata olives before. Honestly, I did not even think that I liked them.But for some reason I picked up a jar of them at the grocery store and that is how this dish was […]

Building Flavors

Building flavors makes all the difference in the world. You can take your normal dinner that you throw everything in your pan at the same time that tastes kinda boring to a whole new level.So how do you “build flavors”? Lemme splain. SEAR..Sear your meat. To do this, start off with a piece of meat […]

Pillsbury Baking Ideas-Video Post

All of my comments from the past 4 posts were deleted 🙁Thank you to Pillsbury for this opportunity.Hop on over to Pillsbury for some delicious recipes and tips.

Lemon Cupcakes

**Click HERE to like The Hungry Housewife on Facebook** Almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST.Lemon cupcakes remind me of spring.Are you suffering from cabin fever?Perhaps you are over the cold weather.Tired of the heavy baked goods and need to lighten things up a bit??Well here ya go. A deliciously light lemon cupcake with lemon cream […]

Chicken Parmesan-Lightened Up

**Click HERE to like The Hungry Housewife on Facebook.** Chicken Parmesan is my husbands favorite meal. Actually, my chicken parm is my husbands favorite meal. All nice a crispy from the breading and pan frying, served up with some of my out of this world mashed potatoes(I will post those at a different time). Totally […]

Let’s try this again..Herbs

Herb growing. I try, I really do. Do you know how much money I would save if I could grow something? Anything? I cook with fresh herbs almost every-night, every-night that I am not lazy in the kitchen. I spend millions of dollars(well, maybe not millions) at the grocery store on those packages of fresh herbs […]

The Hungry Housewife Facebook Page

Y’all love me right? I started a Facebook page for the Hungry Housewife and it is lonely 🙁Will you “like” The Hungry Housewife on Facebook?Fun stuff will he happening there. Maybe even some secret Facebook fans only giveaways!Click HERE to like.I will be your best friend. The Hungry Housewife

Congrats to

Congrats to Heather @ Sweet Sins to Share. Heather said, “Ohh I love chocolate! Dark Chocolate is my favorite!! YUM! I’m with you on the super bowl out come… even though we are not talking about it!” Enjoy your delicious Guylian Chocolates

Coconut Cocoa Crisps

Say that one fast three times. Coconut Cocoa Crisps, Coconut Cocoa Crisps, Coconut Cocoa Crisps.Ok, so it wasn’t that hard, but there sure are a lot of “C’s”.For us girls in the child rearing years, PMS rolls around once a month and takes over us like a three headed monster. Sorry boys, we really have […]

Loaded Pierogies

Do not forget to enter my Chocolate Giveaway! That’s right. Loaded Pierogies, My take on loaded potato skins. I “tested” this recipe before that big football game that just passed in which the team that is now dead to me lost. They are the perfect little appetizer. And mighty tasty I might add. Have you […]