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Top 10 of 2010

Mama went shopping again, so keep an eye out next week for an awesome giveaway. Here are my top 10 most popular posts of 2010. It always amazes me which ones make it. Have any of you actually made any of my top 10? #10  Steel Cut Oatmeal #9  Roasted Vegetable Pasta #8  Sponge Bob […]

Happy Holidays.. kitty style

This will be my last post before the Holiday rush.I just wanted to tell all of you to have a safe and happy holiday.I would write something all sweet and gushy, but that’s not how I roll.Try not to have as much fun as my cat Archie, he has had a few too many.He fits […]

Mincemeat Cookies with Browned Butter Maple GLaze

Well, congrats to you. You made it past the title of the post to read about these delightful cookies.I mean mincemeat…yuck. When I hear the word mincemeat, I think of meat all minced up..ewwwww…in a cookies or a pie form…that is just nasty.My husband alway spoke of mincemeat cookies his Grandma used to make all the […]

Mitten Christmas Sugar Cookies

I went lazy simple this year. 2 colors of icing to mix. Some white Non-Pareils. That’s it. I mean, not as simple as running out to the store to buy your kids classes some cookies..cause that is what most normal people would do. However, I never claimed to be normal. Oh, and don’t forget to […]

Ice Cream Maker GIVEAWAY!

-CONTEST CLOSED as of Monday Dec 20th.I love you all! Each and everyone of you. So I bought you something. ( sorry just one of you)I was at Williams-Sonoma and picked up a fancy dancy Ice Cream Maker.The top rated(by Cooks Illustrated) Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker with extra freezer bowl, in RED.(value $110)Think of all […]

Cranberry Crumb Cake and Tate’s winner

Wow, once again I am late announcing the winner. My bad, I was knee deep in decorating mitten sugar cookies for my kids classes, like the 5 and 7 year olds will appreciate them, but whatevah. I am so excited for the winner because you are getting some delicious cookies and an amazing cookbook from […]

Tasty Tate’s GIVEAWAY!

Boy oh boy, do I have one delicious giveaway for you today.Please play along and leave a comment for your chance, even if you have never left a comment here before. I know you all are out there!It is courtesy of Tate’s Bake Shop. Have you ever had a Tate’s Bake Shop cookie?Well let me […]

Nutella Hot Chocolate

All is right in the world when you drink this little concoction of mine. It will be sure to warm your belly and add cellulite to your hips. Gotta love the Holidays. My jeans are already getting too tight, but that did not stop me from drinking this whole glass of Nutella Hot Chocolate with […]