Archives for October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our “wolf” pumpkin. I couldn’t seem to find an Edward or Jacob template! Happy Halloween! Have fun pillaging your kids candy bags for the good stuff! I know I will!

Operation Wedding Cake (with tips)

Ain’t she purtty? This is my first wedding cake. My bother in-law and sweet fiance asked me if I would make their cake, I said yes..I was honored. Then the nerves set in. The sweaty palms began. I have only make a handful of cakes for people..a cute Sponge Bob cake..a graveyard cake..a bugs and […]

White Chocolate Mocha Pie

Does anyone really know what goes on behind the doors of a closed refrigerator? Do you think the eggs and the milk just have a plutonic relationship? Or how about the left over salsa and the you think they silently stare at each other from across the dark, cool shelves? I mean, does the […]

White Chocolate Mini Pies

Ok..Ok. So I have renamed myself “Leslie the Loser”. Yep, Leslie the Loser is my new name. How lame am I? Seriously!? I have had ZERO motivation to blog or even really turn on my computer for that matter. I think some little anti blogger elf came in my room in the middle of the […]