Archives for April 2010

Are you in the Sweetbay Shopping Area?

Just a reminder for all of you who are in the Sweetbay Supermarket Shopping area……. Dont forget, I do their weekly videos on their website located here. In my videos, I will let you know of that weeks sales and sometimes even throw in a recipe for funzies! So don’t forget to log onto […]

Roasted Vegetable Pasta

You want easy? CHECK You want tasty? CHECK You want fast? CHECK Well then, it looks like I’ve got you covered..don’t I? You can thank me after dinner! Here is a yum-a-licious dinner that is easy ,tasty and with simple flavors. My kids even at it. Well, they ate everything but the I guess […]

Sponge Bob Cake

LOOK DEEP INTO MY EYES…LOOK DEEP INTO MY EYESDEEPERDEEPERDEEPER.Ok, enough of that. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.I just wanted to show you a cute little cake I made for my son who turned 7. He wanted a Super Mario Cake..But I pushed for Sponge Bob(even though we don’t watch it) cake because I […]