Archives for February 2010

Salt Crusted Potatoes

I have seen the whole salt-crusting thing done with fish…done with meat etc. But I have never seen it done with potatoes. So when I came up with the idea the other night I thought I was a genius. But then there is this new thing called Google. You heard of it? It is a […]

Banana Waffles

We do breakfast for dinner ALOT at my house! At least once a week. One might call it lazy, but I call it damn good. Breakfast during the week consists of a grab and go Slim Fast out the door and that is about it. Seriously, who has time on the weekdays to make a […]

Parmesan Orzo

Sorry I am not dazzling you with something fancy and sweet and gooey and chewy. I would like to say I am watching my weight, but the only thing I was watching today was the HALF a bag of chocolate chips that I shoved in my mouth. And no, I can’t use the excuse that […]

Cranberry Walnut Tart

Oh wow..look at me, I am posting a recipe! I bet y’all thought I forgot how to cook. There has just been so many exciting things going on in my life, I hope you guys haven’t minded me sharing them with you via my silly videos! (Oh, and I am on HSN again on Wed. […]