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No I am not having another mental breakdown. I mean yes I am..I have breakdowns everyday..they usually occur in the laundry room while hanging all the laundry. Just letting you know I will probably be M.I.A for the rest of the year. Doing the Holiday and family thing. Also, My Birthday falls on Christmas Eve. […]

Christmas Sugar Cookies

So I had an argument with my 2 alter egos. I had the unrealistic cook on my left shoulder and the practical cook on my right. Oh and they had it out. But thank God for my sanity, the nice little practical cook won this year. I was asked to make sugar cookies for my […]


Well, well, well…fancy meeting you here. Been a while huh? Santa came early, I have my nice new MAC Book Pro. I am still learning my way around it. So bear with me. I must admit, I have enjoyed my break from blogging. So much that I actually was going to call it quits. We […]


I am the most unlucky person when it comes to technology. I am having serious computer issues.So please excuse my absence while I throw my PC out the car window on the way to the Apple store. I think I see a nice shiny new MAC in my future!