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Sour Cream Coffee Cake w/ Toasted Pecan Filling

Why is Coffee Cake called Coffee Cake? Is there some sort of rule punishable by law if you don’t eat it with a cup of Joe? Well lock me up in cell block D. For some reasons unknown to me, I do not like drinking my coffee with sweet things. No, you will never see […]

Look who I met…..

It’s Thanksgiving night(not to thankful now for all the food I ate) and I sit here wishing I was able to stick my toothbrush down my throat to alleviate my bloated overstuffed stomach.Yes, I ate that much! I mean you would think it was my last meal or something.I have been on a short vacation […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.May your day be filled with Love, Family and Food. **I have been on a little vacation..I will be back to posting soon!In the mean time, I will be shoveling my face full of Gobble Gobble food!!

Carrot Cake with Fondant/Gumpaste Carrots

A cake that is good for you right? I mean, come on..for goodness sakes..the cake has almost a pound of carrots in it. It has to be good for you right? I mean the eye sight improving qualities alone are staggering! Ok, that is my own delusion. I live in my own little world. Anyone […]

Home Shopping Network/Nordic Ware Update

Flank Steak w/ Asian Dipping Sauce and Fried Rice

I usually don’t put up awful photos like this one. But as I have mentioned in my last few posts, I am have not been feeling up to par. My family is even lucky to get a home made meal these days. So the fact that I cooked dinner and actually took a picture is […]

The World Famous Bern’s Steakhouse..A Review

Have you even been so excited about food that you want to shout it from the top of a building?Well, that is my feeling right now. And since people might look at me a bit strange if I did that, I will use my blog as my soapbox.Last week was my 30th( I mean 9th) […]

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Confession…I use boxed cake mix (sometimes). It is a huge time saver.Let me splain, I never use a cake mix “Un Doctored”.You have to add some extra stuff to a box cake to make it good and this Pineapple Upside-Down Cake is the perfect example.Sure, Pineapple Upside-Down cake is nothing original but that doesn’t discount […]

Spaghetti and Meatballs

I am alive, well half alive. Still have sick house, but I couldn’t keep away any longer. K..I have 2 spaghetti sauce recipes. One that I have been making forever, that has a billion ingredients and now this one that has only a few ingredients. Which one is my favorite? Well I will have to […]

We are hanging on………..

I have not been on my blog..I have not been on your blog. Well hell, I have hardly even turned on my computer in the last couple weeks.I have a sick house…a sick house for about 3 weeks.My kids have the mysterious lingering fever and snotty noses and I have a sinus infection and an […]