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Graveyard Cake

Here is my 4th fondant cake. I made it for one of my sons friends who was having a Halloween Party. (thanks for the business Karen) He requested a cake with a graveyard, pumpkins and ghosts. And turned out so damn cute. Toot Toot(oh, that was just me tooting my own horn!) I should […]

Bugs and Butterflies Cake

I am still alive, I swear I am. The Holidays are always crazy busy for me. And blogging seems to be the first thing to go to the back burner. However I wanted to share a super duper cute cake I made for my niece. She wanted a ” Bugs and Butterflies” birthday party. So […]


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Sugar Cookie Tips and Icing Tips

Wow..who knew sugar cookies would spark so many questions. I appreciate all of your kind words on my cookies. You can tell with my white and black Halloween cookies I am a “simpleton”. I tend to go for the clean look. Kinda like my Christmas lights..ALL WHITE PLEASE!Ok, so I thought I would post some […]

Decorated Halloween Cookies

Just getting some practice in. I wish I could befriend a professional cookie decorator so I could learn all the tips and tricks. That damn spider web is more difficult than it looks. I know it is only October 4th, but can’t call me a procrastinator!!! So go decorate yourself some Halloween Cookies. Click […]