Tooth Fairy Question

Has the Tooth Fairy fallen victim to these tough economic times?

I am new at this whole Tooth Fairy business.
What is the going rate for teeth these days?

I found this photo of the “Ghetto Tooth Fairy” hehehehe
It takes all sorts of people to make the world go round!!!


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    Our tooth fairy brings $5 per tooth. But we had another child in the neighborhood lose a first tooth. Apparently the tooth fairy forgot to get change that night and left $20. The other moms in the neighborhood were not happy!

  2. 2

    Depends on the tooth here, girlfriend. If it is one of the two front and center chompers, that kid gets a 5-er, because you have a whole awkward year ahead of you with gappy teeth. And hate to break it to ya, but you have the next weird year when the big old corncob teeth grow in and look freaky with the little ones.

    The ones on the bottom? A buck, maybe a buck fifty…but we are in the midwest, so maybe things are different over here?

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    hhhhhaaaa… how hysterical.

    My kids sucker punched the tooth fairy right where "HE" lived cause "HE" is a sucker for his kids. I said a quarter.. thinking 32 teeth and 2 kids. But the "Tooth Mister" got squeezed for a buck a tooth and remember my kids are 18 almost 19 and 23.. so that is HIGHWAY Robbery!!

    Good luck and Bless your soul. I see a sucker!

    The Other Les,


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    did Aidan lose his tooth?????? I hear the first tooth is a big one – like $20 or something?? Someone I know does gold coins. I say $1 a tooth 🙂

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    our tooth fairy gives $1 per tooth, more for molars, but we aren't that far yet. So far it's just been $1 per tooth for the 3 that have been lost.

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    Hmm… I lost my baby teeth a good number of years ago, but I remember getting up to a toonie under my pillow (or even in the tooth fairy box).

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    I got $2 once, but usually $1. It's been a few years though…lol

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    When other kids around you lose teeth first, it's hard not to follow what their parents pay. That's how we came to $2 but it's been the going rate for 7 years.

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    cookies and cups says:

    I do a dollar for the first, $2 for the second…
    I usually put in another little treat, though…like a book or something.

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    ♥peachkins♥ says:

    I love the photo!

  12. 12

    It never fails that my kids loose their teeth late at night when I only have 20's in my wallet. Normally i would be a $5 tooth fairy.

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    BentoForKidlet says:

    Wow some tooth fairies are mighty generous with their cash!!!

    My son has never believed in the tooth fairy. Try as I might, I could not get the kid to budge. SO I told him if he wanted a prize for losing a tooth he would have to work for it.

    So he gets a Tooth Fairy Scavenger Hunt. I make up clues to various hiding places *they get harder as he gets older* and he has to follow the trail to the prize. Usually a couple of neat pencils, a pack of gum etc. Something small but fun.

  14. 14

    The tooth fairy made an appearance two nights ago. She only had three dollars so that's what she gave. It was either that or a $20…NOT!

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    We're pretty cheap, we only pay $2 a tooth! You start big and it only goes up from there!
    LOVE the picture of the tooth fairy. It may scare the kids if I show them that picture! haha
    Our tooth fairy is also a male, huh! (My husband just started doing it the way his dad did and it's stuck ever since. Kinda glad I don't have to bother with it much!) Have fun!

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    My kids get $1 a tooth. I always use the golden dollar coins (you can get them at the post office)
    For those instances that the kids lost the tooth late at night, and I had no dollar coins.. I could have "recycled" some that were used previously. IF I did this, I would have re-payed the piggy bank the next day.

  17. 17

    OMG! The ghetto tooth fairy! Haaaay, I said Haaay! Girl you so crazy!
    Price? Depends on the age. The younger the cheaper since you can get away with it. bad I know. but it's true.

  18. 18

    Oh my, that's a scary tooth fairy!
    My kids don't get much, maybe about 2 bucks, and a small toy or stickers.

  19. 19

    LOL, i haven't had to do the TF thing yet, but this was hilarious!

  20. 20

    Here the tooth fairy gives $5 for the 1st tooth, $2 for all the rest… a whole lot more than I remember getting!

  21. 21

    At my house, usually whatever we can scrape from the couch cushions and dryer.

    Naaaw, $2 or so.

  22. 22

    You better leave that boy $5 ~ first tooth!! And everyone & their mother touching the poor tooth & chasing the boy!! You need $5? ~ I can get it out of one of my kids piggy banks!! ha ha ha

    Luv ~ the neighbor

  23. 23

    Wow, $5-$20, seriously!? Teeth have really appreciated since I was a kid.

    Funny the things to you don't think about until your kids are going through them. Good thing you posted this since it wasn't even on my radar yet, we haven't lost any teeth 'round here, but could be soon. Good to know what the going rates are!

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    Jennifer-EightyMPHMom says:

    Oh my….just oh my! Teeth have gotten very expensive! We used to put $5 under the pillow (ummm…I mean the tooth fairy did) and then my daughter was staying with grandpa one weekend and lost a tooth. The tooth fairy at HIS house left $20. UGH. So that meant that our tooth fairy had to start doing the same. It gets very, very expensive!

  25. 25

    Thankfully my son has lost almost all of his baby teeth!

    But I did the gold dollars. He still has them in his piggy bank. We told him it was pirate gold when he was little. I think he's on to us now but it's still fun. :).

  26. 26

    LOL.. funny tooth fairy.. hehe

  27. 27

    Our tooth fairy brought my daughter three dollars and a personalized letter the first time. She had to get her tooth pulled by the dentist because her new tooth was coming in…the letter thrilled her more than the money.

  28. 28

    The tooth fairy musta thought we were special when I was a kid…not only did we get $2 but we got it as a $2 bill, something none of the other neighbor kids got…for the tooth fair it isn't too much per tooth (esp. given the current state of the economy we're in) & it's special cuz it's a $2 bill!
    *On a side note my son just lost his first front tooth, the tooth fairy brought him a $2 bill and he was thrilled cuz he'd never saw one before!

  29. 29
    Laura from TN says:

    Well, sadly here in Tennessee, molars in our house are worth 5 dollars, and regualars are worth 2. We buy so much stuff for our kids anyway, why give them so much for a tooth. Just remember, whatever you start at, it can only get bigger. My youngest is ecstatic over 2 dollars!!!

  30. 30

    I remember receiving “fun” money from the tooth fairy… $2 bills, silver dollars, that sort of thing. Definitely never $5 or $20 – that’s way too much!

  31. 31

    My kids get $5 which is a whole lot more than what I got as a kid. I used to beg for $2 so I could save for a new album…how sad is that? Someof my kids' friend get $20 which i think is excessive. Can you imagine if they lost more than one? My son lost 4 in a week at one point, so I was happy for the $5 level. ha ha. Love the ghetto tooth fairy!

  32. 32
    Southern Grace Gourmet says:

    I use to be a hygienist, and the kids told me $1 – $5 per tooth, better than I got only a quarter, if I was lucky, a 50 cent piece.