Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar bean dipWaaaahhhhooo.no meat, no chocolate AND no butter??? What, have I completely lost my mind?

I know you all must think I eat awful. But truly I don’t. Sure, I do splurge every once in a while, but I cant remember the last time I just baked up something for shits and giggles. Hasn’t been as much since my metabolism seems to have run away with my pre-childbirth hips. I mean come on, do you really want to come to my blog and see chicken and steamed veggies?? Big whoopee-do! I would say I only post about a quarter of this things I prepare, if that.
So here is a nice and (mostly)healthy treat that is easily whipped up. Do you see all of that fiber in there?
“Beans beans, the more you eat, the more you fart, the more you fart, the better you feel, so eat some beans at every meal!” Or maybe just take some Beano before you start munching on this.
OR WAIT..better yet..ya know the in laws..the ones you cant stand, the ones that are coming over for dinner?? Serve this and DONT take your Beano, and I am sure they will make it an early night.(Evil I am..EVIL)
Make this the night before you serve it, so all of the flavors have a chance to incorporate together.
There are a ka-zillion recipes out there for Texas Caviar, but I think you will enjoy this one.
Fancy it up with some blue tortilla chips.
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 can black eyed peas, drained and rinsed
1 cup frozen or fresh corn
1 small jar pimentos
2 stalks celery, chopped
1/2 red onion, chopped
1/2 green pepper, chopped
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup sugar
Salt and pepper
In a small sauce pan over medium high heat, bring vinegar,oils ans sugar to a boil and cook until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and cool.
Add all the veggies in a large bowl and pour the liquid over the top.
Cover and refrigerate overnight. Stick a spoon in there and mix it around every so often.
Before serving season with salt and pepper if desired


  1. 1
    Elizabeth says:

    I love Texas Caviar!!!! Addictive!

  2. 2
    Chow and Chatter says:

    sounds wonderful love beans, i wrote a post on heinz beans a couple of days back you will like it, love your style of writing Rebecca

  3. 3

    YUM YUM YUM!!!! Love it!

  4. 4
    BentoForKidlet says:

    Ah I have never heard of Texas Caviar before but it looks delicious! My son will looove it! Thanks 😀

  5. 5

    I LOVE this stuff! I haven't made it in a while and now I'm craving it. I usually eat mine on tortilla chips, so it kind of defeats the purpose of being all healthy and stuff 🙂

  6. 6
    Leslie M. says:

    Holy Moly Les that looks Delish… and a Recipe I can make without substi "tootin" (I mean it is a BEAN recipe) any of my VEGGGIE ingredients for!!!!
    Wanna let me Borrow it for Leslie Loves Veggies?

    The other Les

  7. 7

    I love this stuff my friend Darby makes it, but I'm so happy I found it on Leslie Loves Veggies blog. Btw your blog is adorable I'm glad I found it!!!

  8. 8
    J.Danger says:

    I LOVE this stuff!

  9. 9
    pigpigscorner says:

    I happen to love beans! Looks so yummy!

  10. 10
    Donna-FFW says:

    Hahahahaha… in laws perfect idea.. My hubby is famous for sbd gas, silent but deadly. This may make them rethink about staying overnight.

  11. 11

    I love this stuff, truly delish.

  12. 12

    This looks wonderful.
    I make homemade salsa every weekend. I love salsa and so does the husband.
    Thank you.

  13. 13
    Mommy's Kitchen says:

    Texas Cavier is my favorite!!! I havent made it in awhile. Perfect for summer.

  14. 14
    Bridgett says:

    I love recipes like this and will feed this to my hubby when my in laws come by, that way we can totally blame him for it!

  15. 15

    the number of ways that this is superior to real caviar is boundless. love it, leslie–it almost makes me say i could survive without butter. 🙂

  16. 16
    Foodycat says:

    I have had that sort of dish but never knew it was called Texas Caviar! It looks great.

  17. 17
    WizzyTheStick says:

    As usual your photo is scrumptious. I make this all the time. It's a great side dish.

  18. 18
    Clumbsy Cookie says:

    I love the name of it, I have never heared about this, but I do enjoy my beans so I'm sure I'd like this kind of caviar. If not, I'd eat the blue chips alone ;)!

  19. 19
    Jennifer says:

    I LOVE this!!! YUM!!!! My sister (a Texan) makes something very similar and I totally agree…dont forget the Beano! 😉

  20. 20

    that looks really yummy!

  21. 21

    That looks so incredibly good!
    I'd also add avocado 🙂

  22. 22

    Love this!

  23. 23
    Katrina says:

    That's about the only kind of cavair I'll ever eat. Yummy.

    (You'd never know from looking at my blog that I eat really healthy,too. So I totally get ya!)

  24. 24
    Dhanggit says:

    I dont believe there's no chocolate or butter somewhere in this dish LOL!! love this texas caviar i feel like wearing hat n' boots !! yummy!!

  25. 25

    Now THAT'S my kind of caviar! Looks tasty and healthy.

  26. 26

    We eat a lot of beans, making this another recipe that we are sure to love. Thanks!

  27. 27
    Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer says:

    This is such a great appetizer we made this for our Gourmet girl group earlier this year and it was incredible!

  28. 28
    this blessed nest says:

    oh my goodness – this looks yummy!

    i made your watermelon pops for my twins' "one year old bday" i must say they were a huge hit!!!

    i included your link in their bday post…i hope you don't mind. you'll have take a peak…it was a great day.

    thanks for a great part tip!!!

  29. 29

    you crack me up! i actually do have inlaws coming to town, i like the way you think….lol

    this is one of my favorite snacks, yummy!

  30. 30
    Rose @ Bite Me Kitchen says:

    Leslie – you crack me up! Looks delicious, full of nutrients and colorful 😀 YUM!

  31. 31

    Yes, you have me laughing here! I love this, and remember when a neighbor in Dallas brought over a bowl for our house warming party…she did ask for the bowl back, because she dropped it off and ran…hmmm, but it was all good!

  32. 32
    Hillary says:

    Leslie, this looks delicious — can't wait to try it! I love youf blog and get a lot of good ideas from you. This one reminds me of something my family makes called, "Nebraska Crack." Each state must have its own version! 🙂


  33. 33

    What a perfect treat to enjoy on my deck with chips and a cold glass of wine!!Figtreeapps

  34. 34

    Looks delish, and a nice way to sneak in some fiber.

  35. 35
    Chef Fresco says:

    Haha Texas caviar, huh? Never heard of that one 🙂 Sure looks good though! (and very fiberful!)

  36. 36
    amandalouden says:

    I crave this every summer! Skip the chips, hand me a spoon!

  37. 37
    Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    Better than caviar (in my opinion) ;-p! That's a great dish, yummy!



  38. 38

    Yum that looks delicious and healthy!

  39. 39

    I just made Texas Caviar this weekend! This recipe looks great!!

  40. 40

    Lol I always get a kick out of your posts. Ah, beans–nutritious and fiberifically gas inducing :P. But they're so tasty! I can't get enough! Good thing I have a hubby who loves me unconditionally LOL! 😛

  41. 41
    Kerstin says:

    I love black beans and corn together, this sounds so good!

  42. 42

    ooooh. i'ven ever had this before. but looks yummy!

  43. 43

    This looks so good! I love your blog. I found it from the blog wall at we love coupons!!