Pillsbury Giveaway and some Holiday Photos

How cute is this little giveaway? The fine folks at Pillsbury are giving THREE yes 3 of my readers this fun gift pack which includes a coupon for Pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls, a magnetic coupon holder, a house-shaped mouse pad, pot holders, a cookie sheet, a bread basket and a lovable Pillsbury Dough boy figurine.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite Pillsbury Product is or what your favorite part about your holiday meals are. That’s it, and it can be allllll yours. Who doesn’t need a new cookie sheet for all of our upcoming cookie baking??!!

Please also check out The Pillsbury Home for the Holidays site. Every time you forward it on to your friends and family from the web site, Pillsbury will make a donation to help deliver more than one pound of groceries to America’s food banks! So really its a win win!!!
Unfortunately the gift baskets can only be shipped to US residents.
The giveaway will end on Tuesday December 9th at 10 PM est.

And I leave you today from a few of my Holiday Photos.
Oh look..I really do have a husband!
My sister, husband and daughter

My little rugrats! Pretty cute if I say so myself!

My sister and I being DORKY as usual!!!

Me and the kiddos

My son..as he says, “stuck with the girls”

Notice the husbands are still serious. Can you find the nerds?

Photos taken by the ever sooo talented Kelly


  1. 1

    My favorite Pillsbury product is still the Crescent Rolls! Love the pics.

  2. 2

    i love the crescent rolls. i make chicken roll up with them. a family favorite. you can never go wrong with any of there products. any who can pass up the cute little pillsbury boy.

  3. 3

    I love that you can be a dork and you can be serious.

    It’s obvious in the photos that your family is fun and very cool. And it’s good to see proof of the hubby! LOL

  4. 4

    yay! Fun giveaway!!
    I love LOVE the orange rolls from Pillsbury…my husband is anti-orange roll..so I get them all to myself…num num num!!

    Great family pics!!!

  5. 5

    Pillsbury Orange Rolls are the best!

  6. 6

    What a fun giveaway!! My favorite Pillsbury product is the little dough boy!:) He is so cute! I love the little laugh when he gets poked in the tummy..ha!

    Your family is picture perfect! I love all of the shots!!

  7. 7

    My favorite, too, is the crescent rolls. Delicious!

  8. 8
    likesprinkles says:

    Your pictures are great! You’ve got an adorable family.

    My favorite Pillsbury product is the crescent rolls. I like stuffing them with something savory. The combination of the buttery rolls plus savory is amazing!

  9. 9
    VeggieGirl says:

    Great giveaway (my favorite product = the rolls) and photos!!

  10. 10
    Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer says:

    Love the pics they are adorable!!
    I am a fan of the crescent rolls and all the fun things you can do with them – it is great how you can turn a simple roll into a pizza or shove some chocolate in there for another great twist..

  11. 11

    I actually really love the pizza crust! They are so easy to make and taste so delicious!!! I always make Pizza Rolls out of them and my family loves it!


  12. 12
    mcmcolospgs says:

    Favorite Pillsbury product has got to be the pie crusts. They taste great everytime and makes my quiches taste divine! (lol). Crescent rolls are a close second though!

  13. 13
    housewifery says:

    I love the Crescent Rolls. One of my favorite recipes uses that as a staple! Mix some shredded chicken, grated cheddar cheese, salt and pepper together then add a spoonful to the center of each crescent roll. Arrange them all in a baking dish, cover with Cream of chicken soup and more shredded cheese and then bake. It’s DELISH!!

  14. 14
    Devin & Amanda says:

    I love the crescent rolls. They have so many uses and are super yummy!!!

  15. 15
    MarriedBliss says:

    I LOVE the pizza crust and the garlic breadsticks!! I also use the crescent rolls to put on little weiners…mmmm mmmm good!

  16. 16
    LeslieVeg says:

    OMG ya gotta love Pillsbury place and bake cookies! They are so easy and you can make all of them or just a few! My kids 18 and 22 love them and so does Hubby! EASY and Delish!

  17. 17

    My favorite would have to be the crescent rolls. I like to put them in muffin tins and then fill them with whatever I happen to find in the fridge.

  18. 18

    My favorite pillsbury product is the crecent dough. I love to make chicken baseballs with them!

    LOVE your pics! Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. 19
    yuckybeans says:

    I always keep a pack of the Pillsbury crescent rolls on hand—they are my favorite and quite versitile. My favorite Pillsbury memory is creating a Pillsbury DOugh Boy halloween costume for my brother years ago!

  20. 20

    What a gorgeous family you have! Those are some great pictures. I also love the new header!

    I like the cookie dough, when I don’t have the time bake my own.

  21. 21

    omgosh how adorable!!

    my favorite is the break-away cookies.. mmm so perfect when you need to bake something to present in an emergency!

  22. 22

    My favorite Pillbury product would have to be the Orange Sweet Cinnamon Rolls. My whole family loves them. They are so easy when you have lots of guests and just a little bit of time to spend with them. They make your house smell so nice and eveyrone enjoys them. Also the one thing I love about holiday meals is just simply being together with my family and taking time out to really sit down and talk about things that matter to each and every one of us. Including the children. Love your blog:)

  23. 23

    I like the crescent rolls šŸ˜€

  24. 24
    Mama Moose says:

    I love their crescent rolls. We use these to make mini scones with our fondue!
    themoosehouse at gmail dot com

  25. 25
    blossomteacher says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one in love with Pillsbury crescent rolls!! Flatten them out, and they are great on a chicken pot pie. They are the keystone to every great drunk-food snack I have created, too šŸ™‚

  26. 26

    My favorite product is the crescent rolls. I could eat those things for DAYS! Or the cookies that you just break and bake, the holiday ones with the shapes in them. Those are what Santa get every year!

  27. 27

    Love the new flat roll crescent rolls. Great for breakfast pizza!

  28. 28
    Mommy's Kitchen says:

    My favorite pillsbury product is the grands cinnamon rolls and the crescents, you can do so many recipes with the crescents.

  29. 29

    Love the roll out pie crust…so helpful for a girl who has dough disagreements!!!
    Love the photos!!!

  30. 30

    You’re nuts, you’re a mom, you’re a hottie and you’re funny…don’t stop being you and just give me the Pillsbury SWAG, K?

  31. 31

    What fun family photos!
    I think my favorite product is the pizza dough, its really good in a pinch to make pizza when you don’t have time for homemade… Plus I live in Minneapolis where I think you have to like Pillsbury products, even the street next to mine is called Pillsbury

  32. 32
    The Healthy Hostess says:

    Your family is adorable!!!
    My favorite product is the sugar cookies because I use them to make fruit pizza in the summer!
    šŸ™‚ ali

  33. 33
    lindagerig says:

    I love the cinnamon rolls. Linda Gerig

  34. 34

    Your family is gorgeous! Seriously, your kids should model šŸ™‚

    I love Pillsbury slice and bake cookies. As much as I love to bake, those will always hold a special place. AND the prepared pizza dough – it bakes thin and crispy, just the way I like it!

  35. 35

    Your family is gorgeous! Seriously, your kids should model šŸ™‚

    I love Pillsbury slice and bake cookies. As much as I love to bake, those will always hold a special place. AND the prepared pizza dough – it bakes thin and crispy, just the way I like it!

  36. 36

    My favorite holiday pillsbury product is definitely the pie crust! The holidays are full of baking and trying new things, yet keeping family traditions at the same time. For example, my family has a pie we make every Christmas, and this year, we are making little tartlets of that same pie with the pillsbury pie crust. Fun fun! However, does this mean I cannot cut my slice as big as I usually do? Oh well, I will just eat 2 tarts! Merry Christmas! I love your blog and am making the pumpkin dip and cinnamon sugar tortillas for my Christmas party this Sunday.

  37. 37

    We love the Pillsbury large cinnamon rolls! Love the pictures! Kelly did ours at UT too.

  38. 38

    Pillsbury crescent rolls are my favorite!!! YUMO I want some right now!!!! =)

  39. 39

    We love the grands cinnabon cinnamon rolls in our home!

  40. 40

    What great photos! My favorite Pillsbury product is the Grands Flaky Layers Refrigerated Biscuits.
    I made the Bacon-Cheese Pull-Aparts for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, and it was a BIG hit.

    Please stop by my blog for a well deserved award. http://akbaking.blogspot.com/

  41. 41

    Way cute pics of the family and you! A couple of my boys are SO not photogenic and “ruin” family picture moments!
    Ooh, that’s hard to pick a favorite Pillsbury product. Those crescent rolls are so versatile!
    Favorite part of holiday meals? It’s gonna have to be the desserts!

  42. 42

    Crescent Rolls for sure! Cute Pics!!!

  43. 43

    My favorite part of dinner/holidays is being with my mom’s family. There are about 20 of us and it feels like for the time we are together, we never stop laughing, smiling, dancing, eating, etc. It really is one of those things I think I will remember all of my life.

  44. 44

    The crescent rolls…yum!

  45. 45

    My whole family LOVES cresent rolls! I like them because you can create so many recipes with them.

  46. 46

    The photos are beautiful! As well as everyone who is on these photos!

  47. 47

    great pics!

    my favorite pillsbury product is the Big Deluxe Chocolate Chip cookies. šŸ™‚

  48. 48

    Oh Leslie, your pictures turned out great! You look beautiful and your kids are adorable!

    I love the flaky Grand biscuits. Yum! (Gosh, I hope those are made by Pillsbury!) If not…then Crescent Rolls it is! šŸ˜‰

  49. 49
    Cynthia Matzat says:

    I love the new Crescent Creations – crescent roll dought without perfereations – gotta love it!

  50. 50
    hot garlic says:

    Love the photos Les! You are adorable as usual and it was a treat to see the rest of the clan! I love your new profile and side photo and header too, nice n’ classy -though I realize by saying that I just took away all of the class… you know what I mean, right??

    My fav pillsbury product might be the cookie dough? Not sure, but I’ll got with it!

  51. 51
    thecandyqueen says:

    Duh, who doesn’t love the pillsbury cookie dough? It’s so easy. And better yet, in the raw form it cures PMS.

  52. 52

    OK. So you're not only a talented cook, but funny and gorgeous too? Not fair! šŸ™‚ That last picture with you & your sis being silly & the men being serious is hilarious!

    My favorite pillsbury product is crescent rolls b/c of all the great things you can make with it!

  53. 53

    I love your family photos!
    Too Cute!!!
    I would have to say my favorite would be Crescent rolls. You can make so many different things with them!
    Thanks for the contest.
    Glad your back!!


  54. 54
    noble pig says:

    The photos are so great! They turned out well!

    I love that Pillsbury Boy, what am I supposed to say? Let’s see, I’m a sucker for the rolls hands down and holiday meals…the side dishes, oh yes, who needs the main, just gimmie the sides!

  55. 55
    The Blonde Duck says:

    I like the pie crust and the frozen biscuits. Yum!

  56. 56

    I ALWAYS have a tube of Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls in my fridge! You can pull together just about any meal with a can of those! Cute holiday pics!

  57. 57

    my favorite product? the cinnamon rolls, surprise surprise. šŸ™‚
    lovely pictures–you’re all so photogenic. šŸ™‚

  58. 58
    Jen Alfieri says:

    Great photos! Kelly took ours as well and we are thrilled with them!

    I love Pillsbury cookie dough – so much you can do with sugar cookie dough to make it unique and delicious!

  59. 59

    you have a beautiful family!!! the kids are adorable… the hubbies, are indeed very real, lol… and of course, you and your sis look so gorgeous… and i guess that’s what made this holiday season more special… šŸ™‚

  60. 60

    Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite Pillsbury product is the crescent rolls. Can’t beat them.

    You have such a beautiful family and it looks like you all have so much fun together. Love that! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Now I have to go look up your peanut butter cup cake to make for my daughter’s birthday.

  61. 61

    Newbie to your blog. I dig it. What pretty photos of your fam, too!

  62. 62

    What a beautiful family!! Love the pics, girl!!

  63. 63

    Gotta go with the crescent rolls!!!

  64. 64

    Cinnamon Rolls are my fav. Cute blog.

  65. 65

    I love your family pictures. Did you take those yourself? Very talented photographer!
    My favorite Pillsbury product is the pie crust because sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with finicky pie crust!

  66. 66

    slice and bake cookies are the best!

  67. 67

    I’m torn between the Crescent Rolls or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

    I have a handed down family recipe for a chicken dinner with peaches and Crescent Rolls that has always been a favorite, but you just gotta love Cookies at any time too! šŸ™‚

  68. 68

    Definitely the pie crusts, no wait, the crescent rolls. OR maybe its the ….. ah, shucks, I like all of them.

  69. 69

    my favorite is the cookie dough! especially straight outta the fridge. nothing beats raw cookie dough. šŸ™‚

  70. 70

    The orange rolls rock! Thanks for the giveaway šŸ™‚

  71. 71

    Love the pictures of your family. Too cute.

    I love the newest product that Pillbury just came out with. I can’t remember the name but they are little stuffed, appetizer like, rolls that are filled with a spinach cheese, a buffalo chiken one and a pepperoni mozarella filling. Don’t be caught alone with the box. You just might find yourself eatting the entire box.

  72. 72

    Cinnamon rolls! My husband grew up with those delicious things – and we’ve been eating those since we married over 22 years ago –

  73. 73
    Janet Borland says:

    The orange rolls are a favorite for sure. I also love the pizza crusts to make homemade pizza without the hassle of making your own crust.

  74. 74

    Cool giveaway! Thanks Pillsbury & Leslie.

    I always have some crescent rolls in the fridge for what ever but taste wise I(we) think the crescent roll rounds are better, wierd, huh! You would think they taste the same but they don't.

    Those were fabulous photos. What a lovely (& fun loving) family you have! All three of the kiddies are little cuties.

  75. 75

    Love the pics…Aidan is so darn handsome!!! He has grown up so much! You guys made some cute babies…love Lisette

  76. 76

    Very sweet family pics :). I don’t eat Pillsbury these days, so I’ll pass on that, but just wanted to say that the pics are cute!

  77. 77


  78. 78

    I love the crescent rolls wrapped around hot dog. The whole family loves this meal. I love the photos, beautiful children, beautiful families.

  79. 79

    Your family is adorable!! My husband love Toaster Strudels!

  80. 80

    Nice photos!

  81. 81

    Ow I LOVE your photos! So adorable and you’re soooo pretty! xxx

  82. 82

    Beautiful family!
    For parties, making pigs in blankets are great and easy with their crescent roll dough šŸ˜‰

  83. 83

    I love the new Crescent creations. It’s so much easier when the dough is in one sheet!

  84. 84

    Oh my gosh, what beats a pigs in a blanket made with YUMMY crescent rolls and dipped in catsup /mustard mixture šŸ™‚

  85. 85

    My favorite Pillsbury product is Pillsbury Crescent rolls, however, I also love to use Pillsbury Pizza Crust when making my own pizza.

  86. 86

    Who ARE those handsome people?? Anything with that cute little dough boy on iy is for ME.

  87. 87

    Oh my goodness girl, you and your family are gorgeous! Your family photos are so much fun.

    Pillsbury products, hmmm I’d say the french bread loaf. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  88. 88

    I love the crescent rolls, too and I also love the pie dough (sorry, but it comes in very handy). Jancd
    ps. So glad you’re back. Missed you.

  89. 89

    How very nice of them to do that! The holiday’s just aren’t right with out crescent rolls!

  90. 90

    I love the Pillsbury crescent rolls. Hubby’s favorite. Your family is just TOO cute!

  91. 91

    I love the Grands Biscuits!!

    My grandma used to make me a scrambled egg omelete with sausage and a couple of fluffy biscuits on the side when I went to her house to visit. I still think of her every time I pop open a can or smell the deliciousness!!!

  92. 92

    Great photos! Thank you so much for sharing them.

  93. 93
    entrepgirl says:

    you’re so pretty and your family is so beautiful. merry christmas and happy holidays! šŸ™‚

  94. 94

    Your kids are adorable! Looks like you had a great time taking pictures!

  95. 95

    I'm not sure if it's related here or not, but my grandmother went to the finals of the bake-off(Pillsbury) twice. She loved to play with food. She never won, but of course, I think she should have! And you have got a wonderful family.