Oven Baked Potatoes

oven baked potatoes

We don’t eat spuds that often in my house, quite frankly because my hips don’t like them. And we all know I have willpower issues. So I just avoid them like the plague! But on the rare occasion that I do make them, I don’t want mashed potatoes (even though I make MEAN mashed potatoes) and I don’t want boring old baked potatoes, cause those are no good with out a whole stick of butter in them(again not very ass friendly)! So I whipped these up one night. They are so very good and comforting. The good thing about them is they are loaded with flavor and I don’t have to undo my pants button after eating them!
My measurements are usually done by sight, so I tried my best to duplicate it for you.
Go ahead, try em..I think you and your family will love them!!!!
1 Lb potatoes(cubed)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/3 cup bread Italian seasoned bread crumbs
2 Tbsp Parmaigiano- Reggiano
1/2 tsp rosemary(fresh or dried)
1/4 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
Salt and pepper
In a small bowl mix bread crumbs, Parmigiano -Reggiano, rosemary, onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper.
In a medium bowl, coat potatoes in enough olive oil to generously cover.
Pour the bread crumb mixture on potatoes and mix until the potatoes are covered evenly.
Place on parchment paper or silicone lined baking sheet.
Bake in a preheated 450 degree oven for 30 minutes, stirring about every 10 minutes until golden brown.
Sprinkle with Kosher Salt or Fleur De Sel
Makes 4 small servings


  1. 1

    lovely… lovely… lovely… can’t wait to try your version… 🙂

  2. 2
    VeggieGirl says:

    FABULOUS!!! This is probably a dumb question, but would this recipe work with sweet potatoes?

  3. 5

    OMG! I want some!!

  4. 6

    ooh, thank you for the taters. the bread crumbs are a clever touch – bet your hips like these 🙂

  5. 7

    yum this sounds delicious. I also limit my potato portion but I will use this recipe for my next potato treat!

  6. 8

    This is our favorite way to make potatoes at our house – besides a mound of mashed potatoes and gravy!!. Your photo is delicious.

  7. 9
    Hannah a.k.a.Topiary Lady says:

    Thanks for another potato recipe. I just got 35# of potatoes on Friday. I’ve been busy making fries and hash browns and freezing them. This looks like a great dinner recipe!

  8. 10

    I love love love roasted potatoes…although I’m not such a potato person for exactly the same reasons!! I could have written this post exactly the same way!

  9. 11
    Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer says:

    I am with you as we are carb conscious as well but I am always willing to make special exceptions and this will be one of those exceptions – Looks Great 🙂

  10. 12

    I don’t make potatoes often either. My family loves them, so I should indulge them once in awhile. I love how yours look a bit crunchy!

  11. 13

    These look yummy! I will have to give it a try soon.

  12. 14

    Those potatoes look SO good! My family would devour them!

  13. 15

    These are my favorite kinds of potatoes, I make them too often as my hips would show!!!

  14. 16

    Nice & crispy and rosemary's a natural for spuds.

  15. 17

    Is there anything better than fabulous oven baked potatoes? I think not, yours look perfect!

  16. 18

    There is nothing better than some roasted potatoes to go with dinner. Your photo turned out great and makes them all the more inviting. Very yummy post, Leslie!

  17. 19

    I love carbs. Love them. Like really love them. These sound so good and look even better.
    “Ass friendly”…I love this term.

  18. 20
    noble pig says:

    Well you know I love them! These look wonderful.

  19. 21
    Clumbsy Cookie says:

    Same hip problem, same love for the spud! Hey you should send this for the Potato Ho event! I love potatoes anyway, even boiled simple… I love how crispy they are, makes my mouth water.

  20. 22

    Wow those do look tasty!

  21. 23

    Those do look tasty

  22. 24

    We love oven roasted potatoes here!

  23. 25
    Zesty Cook says:

    Leslie – these look great. I like a few of your ingredient additions – i will defintely try your version.

    thanks for sharing

  24. 26

    Roasted potatoes are my favorite. We don’t have them very often either, but they are on sale right now so I might have to get some!!

  25. 27

    We don’t make potatoes that often either, but mainly because I never think of buying them at the grocery. These look tasty!!

  26. 28

    Yum!!!!!!! You should eat potatoes, my father always tried to tell my mom they were a vegetable. So you could go with his way of thinking!

  27. 29

    Roasted potatoes are such a downfall for me…I love them so much

  28. 30

    Looking scrumptious, if I’m having a potato then in must be flavorful and this has it all!!!

  29. 31

    These sound great! I don’t eat potatoes very often either but I bet these would hit the spot with a pork tenderloin or roasted chicken.

  30. 32

    who cares if my family loves ’em? i would, and that’s all that matters when i’m the one making supper. 🙂

  31. 33

    I just want those crunchy bits that fall off when baking! lol
    I am not going to make this as I will eat all of it and my hips will be far bigger than yours. ;-P

  32. 34

    These sound awesome, Leslie! I love that they’re not boring and look crunchy too. I’m making these this week :)!

  33. 35

    yummy 🙂

  34. 36

    Sometimes you have to give yourself a treat every now and then. I love potatoes but they aren’t my husbands favorite. They still look delicious.

  35. 37
    Bunny Trails says:

    I tried this last night and OMG, they were YUMMY!!! I didn’t use the bread crumbs as I am allergic to wheat. I used a millet/flax mixture instead and they were still YUMMY! A true testiment to your recipe. 🙂 Thank you!

  36. 38

    my hips don’t like em but my stomach sure does! gosh. roast potatoes at sunday roast is amazing! these look perfectly done.

  37. 39

    Leslie, these potatoes look and sound wonderful! I’ll certainly give them a try (who cares about hips if the food is so fabulous :)!

  38. 40

    my mouth is watering… i love potatoes!

  39. 41
    hot garlic says:

    I feel the same way about potatoes! So we don’t eat them very often either. They are pretty easy to give up in lieu of something else you’d rather eat that is rich and decadent. HOWEVER… these could change my mind! They look great, and just like you said, full of flavor.

  40. 42
    everyday mom says:

    I am so going to try this recipe next week will go great with my crummed veal.

  41. 43

    Hello, tag your it, for a purse meme! 😉

  42. 44

    I love these Leslie!

  43. 45

    We don’t really do potatoes at home for the same reason – but those look so delicious!

  44. 46
    Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    I love baked potatoes and yours look extremely yummy! A wonderful dish!



  45. 47

    I love these kind of taters. I’ve never used Parmesan though. Sounds like a great addition.

  46. 48
    Donna in VA says:

    This is one of my most favorite foods on the planet. The potato. Yeah, I know. . . my hips lost the battle of the potato long ago.
    That’s okay because with potatoes like these, the good outweighs the bad.
    Get it? Outweighs? I know, I’m a dork.

  47. 49

    I think part of my comment just got posted without me being able to finish it :). I just made these with dinner (using gluten free bread crumbs :P) and they came out tasty! Just wanted to let you know :).

  48. 50

    You are a pretty nice looking dish yourself.
    Jim, North Hollywood, CA

  49. 51

    I made this Oven Baked Potatoes tonight and loved them. I need the nutritional facts for the recipe if possible. I’m doing weight watchers and need to keep up with my points. Thanks

    • 52

      I am glad you enjoyed them. I don’t research the nutritional value on my recipes. I am sure there are sites out there where you can input the items and it will provide you with the nutritional value.

  50. 53

    I made these this evening. I subbed parsley for rosemary (didn’t have any), and didn’t use onion powder, as I’m using caramelized onions to accompany my main dish and didn’t want onion to overpower the whole meal. Besides that, I used all the rest of the ingredients. I’m not the best at measuring either. I liked the idea of using the bread crumbs… The potatoes were very good.

  51. 54

    I made these last night – they were awesome! I only had panko crumbs so I used those, but they were amazing! Husband said best potatoes ever! Thanks for the great recipe.

  52. 55

    These are amazing! I usually have to double the recipe because these are now my favorite kind of potatoes to make!!