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    Alright woman, get your butt on a treadmill because we won’t stand for you not baking! Well, as long as you keep posting I guess we can be patient…

    Perhaps you can find low-fat desserts? We could all use a few of those in our repertoire.

    I LOVE that your closet is so organized! My husband thinks I’m crazy that all my clothes are in order of color, then by sleeve length, then by type of fabric. It makes me happy.

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    First of all, I am a total shoe ho too!! Since I am broke at my new job though, it has restrained me from buying ridiculously overpriced sky-high heels. Anyway, I think the better solutions to giving up baking would be to find new ways to lighten up your baking. ie whole wheat flour or less butter or alternative sugars. I give away pretty much everything that I cook to my friends which has actually led to a *slight* weight loss since I started food blogging. Good luck with it all though and I hope to see some of your delicious goodies soon!

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    Annemarie says:

    I love your blog…you’re a genius. I think I need to ground myself, too. Way too much baking going on around here.

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    2 words for you to get back into your jeans…bikram yoga. It works wonders, look it up.

    I want those leopard print heels. I saw them at the mall last week and almost got them. I LOVE high heels too. Have a good night and good luck not baking anything!

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    I color coordinate my tops also! 🙂

    I’m just going to echo what other commentors have already said and suggest doing some healthy baking. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s so possible and you don’t have to sacrifice flavor.

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    Clumbsy Cookie says:

    Ok, sometimes we really have to ground ourselves…:( Anyway you could do a weekly video post telling us about your progress! As long as you post old stuff, we’ll be entertained and then excited to see the new creatins whenever you decide to “unground” yourself! Good luck dear! Nice closet by the way! I’m actually a flat person, lol! But I’m with you on the color thing!

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    1. I absolutely do NOT color coordinate my clothes. I’d love to have a closet that was organized but I’d have to pay someone to do it because I have no time or patience for it.
    2. I LOVE heels, but can’t walk in them. My knees buckle unless they are platform high heels and then I have to watch not to break my ankle. When I trip, I laugh so hard I almost pee myself. That is how stupid I look wearing heels.
    3. What if you did a weekly themed blogging thing, like next week do an interesting salad a day, then the next week, try wild veggie dishes, then funky fruits….etc.
    4. I can wait with baking trades. Jeans are wonderful, aren’t they? Just a bit hot for Florida unless you stay inside.

    That’s all for now.

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    dixiepixie30 says:

    It will be ok Leslie, you will be back in your jeans and heels in no time!!

    On another note I understand you sent something yummy over to my Uncle for his B-day. I am so jealous because I am sick right now and I could not partake in what I am sure was an awesome creation!! Thank you for thinking of him, I am sure it made his day!!

    Have a great day and I look forward to more exciting recipes!!

    Aimee :0)

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    VeggieGirl says:

    Keep baking!!!! :0)

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    Love your videos!! You have to keep baking though! I know it is hard…all I want to do is bake and eat treats, but luckily I find time to fit in a workout most days…and that really helps!! I can’t justify eating what I do without a good exercise routine..and I try to eat healthy most of the time so I can have my sweets!! Good luck!!! And keep on baking and posting! Love your blog!

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    Ummmm hello? Why don't you bake/make things that are healthy? You know you don't have to make desserts all the time. make lunches and dinner and snacks that are healthy. And share them with us. I'm dieting too, so I need tips & ideas from all my blogger friends.
    Another thing, have you seen the wonderful cookbooks out on raw food, vegan cooking,etc… I never thought in a million years I would be drawn to raw food cooking/creating, but I am since it's a whole new ballgame, not gross and scary anymore but very creative & tasty. Just a thought chicklet.

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    Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer says:

    I am grounded as well for the next 5 weeks of sweets and treats and WINE will be cut to a minimum!!

    Ditto on the healthy baking – I am sure there are great low cal – low carb yummies out there.

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    Girlfriend, you know I feel your pain. Really… truly I do 🙁

    … and yes, I color coordinate my clothes closet as well (just wish my closet was as humongo as yours!!).

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    I had to ground myself from eating my baked goods. I now will take 1 piece, slice, cookie and split it with my husband. As after starting my blog I was wearing my fat pants too but after hitting the treadmill for a while im back to my normal jeans not quite my skinny ones yet but keep it up and stay strong. I LOVED your zebra print shoes, I wish I could wear heels but Im already to tall as it is!

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    no baking?! good luck being grounded! you’re still going to blog though right? I am also a shoe hoe! hehe.

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    crunchLin says:

    oh thats totally fine to post about them! im glad you enjoyed them that much!

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    Girl, I am right there with you. I’m wearing those same pants you are talking about right now…well, I like to call them “yoga pants”, but let’s face it they are stretchy in the right places!

    I love all of your WWW recipes…those are still allowed right?? Just think of all the new ones you can come up with now that you are grounded!

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    noble pig says:

    I am laughing so hard I can’t even control myself. Hey we’re all Ho’s in some aspect, and I’m a show Ho too. I’m 64 pairs strong right now!

    I just bought elastic pants on vacation so I know how you feel, so today I walked six miles.

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    Southern Plate says:

    God, I’m so glad someone else is struggling like I am with the jeans thing!! I have never been “skinny” but I want to get back to “skinny for me”. Thank you for posting this, it feels like support!!!!

    The sweets and baking doesn’t bother me personally, as I can’t eat sugar anyway. What gets me is that I just nibble CONSTANTLY! It’s not even my cooking! I swear I owe ten pounds to pretzels!!
    Love ya Leslie!

  20. 20

    I decided to still bake for the family basically since I like it, but I just haven’t been eating much of it. I always watch what and how much I eat and walk 5 miles a day. No need to totally cut out what you love, just don’t overindulge in the bad stuff.
    Good luck.

  21. 21

    I am glad Ronnie like my banana coconut bread, I hope you feel better soon