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    I find it more depressing when I go to the stores and have to BUY the fat jeans! I started running again to save myself the depression. You are right, i’m 5’2″ and just a little bit of weight can make a huge difference. Well, maybe you are just bloated. Hang in there, I think you look fantastic.

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    DeniseRMT says:

    You are such a nut! Oh, my bad. Does the word “nut” make you crave a pecan roll? So, will it be Weight Watchers everyday now? You can start running with me. I’ll get those 10 pounds off of you. 😉 Walk away from the cookies! Put down the cookies!

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    Just curious…are your fat jeans a size 4? 🙂 You look so thin in your video blogs!

    I know what you mean though about the weight. I’m 5’2″ and 10 lbs. would look like a lot on me, considering I have a very tiny frame. When I went to culinary school, I gained about 20 lbs. I lost it all though once I started running around in a professional kitchen and watching what I ate. Don’t worry, you’ll get back in those skinny jeans!

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    noble pig says:

    OMG I loved this..not your pain but you know everyone knows how you feel! I’m sorry but I loved this post…LOVED IT!

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    yea food blogging def. made me gain 10 pounds. Yikes! but whats life without the yummy food?! I need to exercise more…

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    Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer says:

    This is the down side of all these amazing food blog sites – I am so addicted to all you people that I like you am ready to slit my wrists. So really I am ready to pass the blame for the few lbs onto you all. Just stop making things that look and taste great then the problem would be solved

    I think we need a support group Foodies Anonymous.

    You still look amazing and I ditto Noble Pig we really all do feel your pain 😉

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    I wear a size 2/4 and my pants have been getting tight lately. Even if I were to go up to a size six, I know that logically I am NOT fat but no one ever likes to go up a size!

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    Donna, aka. Yellow Jeep Blonde says:

    Oh my! I just now watched your videos (I had to wait until I was alone in the office), and OMG, you are too cute for words. Funny! Your facial expressions just couldn’t possibly be put into written words. So even though I don’t often get to watch videos, yours are totally enjoyable.
    Oh – yeah – fat jeans do suck! I’ve been in my fat jeans for two years now.

    You have a great weekend!

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    hey girl, i love your video posts – even if they are about the fat pants. i think it is unavoidable when you start the food blog. but, just think how great it will be once we all work our way back into our skinny jeans – then we’ll really have a spring in our step. but you look teeny tiny now so go on girl!

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    Haha too funny that we have the same “not-fat” size 🙂

    For me it’s more a matter of putting down the ice cream but brownies sure sound good too!

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    I found your blog from another blog I read and I have got to tell you, you are so funny! I love your blog! I can relate to the fat jean thing, but hello you are tiny as it is!

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    Girlfriend, ten pounds is ten pounds… that’s EXACTLY what I’ve put on and it’s killin me. I’m 5’6″ but lemme tell ya, like I said, ten pounds IS TEN POUNDS no matter your height. If I’d quit baking, I would stop eating… but… baking is my huge release… it’s my stress reliever… it’s my emotional rescue. And I can no longer give the stuff away to my neighbors and coworkers because, well, it’s a long story but it begins and ends with the word “unappreciative”. So I’ve been freezing a lot… but obviously not enough. Btw, you know I love love love your video blogs. You’re a total riot!!!

    Have a (I won’t say “delicious”) nice day 🙂

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    I’m currently wearing my fat pants – OMFG!

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    You crack me up. I have my regular clothes, my feeling fat clothes, and then my after Christmas fat clothes. If I have to wear my after Christmas fat clothes at any time of year other than January, then I’m really really really cranky.

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    Christie @ fig & cherry says:

    Oh darling, you are so funny and brave! I would never be able to tell the world this – good for you!

    I’m 4 11″ – so don’t feel bad! If I put on 2 pounds I look like humpty dumpty!

    I think you look great.

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    The Konosur says:

    thanks for the comment on the blog. it was really nice to have someone leave a message.

    fat jeans is the bane of every person who likes food… sadly.

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    Oh my goodness! I know how you feel. I'm 5'3" myself and have gained weight since I started reading food blogs (& of course making the wonderful recipes that I found)! My "fat" clothes are tight on me as well. It's depressing especially as I've always been so small. I too get the "but you look great, you were too skinny" comments. Hope my honey likes chuncky chicks!

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    It never ends. I am 60 years old and have thoroughly enjoyed and laughed with you about your fat jeans. I just got a call from my 89 year old mother who accidently got home with a pair of my jeans. They fit her and she can’t believe I can also wear them. She called to say surely she was not as big as me! I asked her if she thought that was a very nice thing to say and she admitted it was not and hung up. Fat jeans and mothers!! Now that’a a problem. Ha. jancd

  19. 19

    I am afraid that food blogging is a slippery slope. Maybe it helps to hear that you’re among friends??!

  20. 20

    That is sooooo funny about your mom! And she hung up on you..thats classic!!! Moms say what ever is on their minds!!!

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    I’m 5’3″ also…but I have to admit that I’m jealous that you actually have a butt! I’m no-butt, yep, that’s my name…I don’t know where all the little cookies go, but not to the right place lol! BTW, you look perfect, I hope that after I have kids, I look as good as you! 😀

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    Clumbsy Cookie says:

    Oh Leslie, I so feel your pain! I’m on fat clothes alert as well… Don’t be depressed dear, you look great!

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    RecipeGirl says:

    Hey, I’m with ya! I’m such an up and downer that it up and down depression constantly. I get on an exercise kick and then if I get off for some reason I’m baking cookies and it’s all over.

    I hate fat jeans. And you look great!

  24. 24

    You are sexy in my eyes Leslie no matter what!! Lucky for me it’s my husband that has gained weight since I started blogging 🙂

  25. 25

    You crack me up… I have so been there. Why eat cookies whenyou have those delicious cake pops to enjoy. 🙂

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    Salt N Turmeric says:

    I so understand how you feel! im 5’1.5″ and before i got married, my weight was around 48kg and all my clothes, jeans included are basically tight fitting. 4 years on, im now almost 5kg heavier and cant fit into any of them!

    To make it worse, iv never been pregnant so i dont have any excuse for the extra kilos/pounds and never had fat jeans. sigh!