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Eclairs..Daring Bakers Style

COCONUT ECLAIRS The Daring Bakers has been a wonderful outlet for me to try new things in the kitchen. And the eclairs were no exception. They were SUPER simple to make, but yet again without the Daring Bakers I would have NEVER attempted them. I am not in a blogging mood this will be […]

Product Body Sale

You all know those fabulous products that I am hooked on? Remember from the Banana Bread Trade? Well Miss Joanna is having a sale through Sept 1st You get 20% off everything in the store. So if you have never tried her here is your chance to try them at a reduced price! I […]


Is it possible to get into a blog fight? If so, I think I may have just been in one!! And I got knocked out!!Anyone who KNOWS me, knows I dont fight, I dont argue and I dont hurt peoples feelings! Here is the Introduction:I was replying to a comment on my blog. I went […]



I almost forgot about WWW again. So I had to act fast! Yogurt….CHECK Fruit….CHECK And this yummy summer goodie was born! ENJOY Peach Yogurt Parfait I cup Plain fat free Yogurt2 Packets Splenda1 tsp vanilla1 small peach Mix together Yogurt, Splenda and vanillaCut peach and place in mini food processor and blend awayArrange peach puree […]

Did she like my Banana Bread?

Was our trade successful?I know it was on my end with all the wonderful new PRODUCTS I got from Product Body.Did I poison JoAnna with my Coconut Banana Bread (minus blueberries) or will she be wanting to do another trade? Click HERE to find out!

Look what I got in the mail…

Joanna from Product Body and her 2 blogs, Product Body and The Soap Bar contacted me a while ago. She wanted to do a trade..her goodies for my goodies. She is in the soap making business and I am in the obsessive baking business(well its not really my business, just my obsession). Well after about […]

Sweet Potato Casserole

Have you ever tasted something that you thought was sooooo good that you cant stop thinking about it? Have you ever woken up first thing in the morning , run to the fridge and get the leftover container and dig in, even though it isn’t breakfast food? (No, cold pizza left over from the night […]

Lowel Ego Light….LOVE IT!

Last week I got my new Lowel Ego Light and I am in love with it! Two reasons I love it soooo. 1) No more going outside in the awful heat and humidity to get a good shot with the “natural light” 2)I love the light it gives of. Just about as close to Natural […]

Cake Pops!

I had to jump on the Bakerella bandwagon and make some Cake Pops! I see them all over the Food Web World. They really are simple to make just VERY time consuming. I guess I made them time consuming with all the different decorations. I do it to myself..cause myself extra work and all and […]