Paula Deen…the real deal!

Soooooo, This weekend I did a little hob knobing. My sister and I took our mom to Atlanta to the Metropolitan Cooking show featuring Paula Deen her husband Michael and her ADORABLE 2 boys for her birthday! We had a blast! On Saturday we had a VIP lunch and book signing with Paula. Her and Michael sat directly 5 feet in front of us, so we got to see all the sights and hear all of the conversations. She is honestly soooo sweet and genuine! She is the type of person who you would want to be your mother! Much to her “handlers” dislike, she wanted to take photos with anyone who asked, sign more than one book like they told her to and spend time speaking with everyone individually. She is so likable even her body guard calls her MeeMa. He said she is like his mom and he cant call her Paula( and he called Michael PeePa) How cute is that? We had a wonderful time at the lunch and Paulas generosity made me love her even more!

Mom, me, Erika, Michael and Paula