Oh those YUMMY Deen Brothers

While we were in the ATL..we also got to gaze at Jamie and Bobby Deen! They were there with Paula for the cooking show. We had great seats right off the stairs to the stage. So needless to say we got to see everyone waiting to go on stage. After Bobby got off stage I asked him if I could take a picture with him..and even though his body guard was trying to whisk him away, he was kind enough to pose with me(he has a goofy face on because he was in mid word asking me where he should look for the picture).

When the boys were on stage they were so funny with each other. It was like they were in a room together just being brothers. They were so candid! I loved it!
After that show I got lucky again and snuck in line to Bobby and Jamie’s book signing!
Let me tell you they are some GOOD LOOKING men! And that southern accent is the cherry on top!


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    WOW U ACTUALLY MET THEM….I’ve been thinking of going to the Lady and Sons restaurant when I go to Savannah!