Oh the Joys of Nutella!

Ok, so I though I would just tease you tonight!
For those of you who do not know what Nutella is…well shame on you..have you been hiding under a rock. Well I suggest you put your P.J’s on and run to the grocery and get a tub or two. This soft chocolate hazelnut spread is just sinful. You can cook with it, spread it on things or do what ever your little heart desires. (Just keep it P.G. please) To be quite honest, half of the tub is already missing. I will just twist that little white top off, take a spoon and just ahhhhhhh. Sooooo yummy.
SO I have not decided what I will do with the unused portion of this liquid heaven..but I will keep you posted..I am sure some chocolaty recipe will be soon to follow!


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