Need a smile? No baking required!

There was no scooping, measuring, pouring(except for the syrup) or preheating required to get a smile for a 2 1/2 year old. Some of my cooking isn’t approved by my kids, so I went the simple route on this one. I really did buy this Fat Free frozen yogurt for my children. So I had a bright idea when Emma was digging in….lets pour Hershey’s Syrup all over the top. Surely she would love goodness, its chocolate and shes a girl, lets get her started early!! Well no, that’s not how it went down! Emma didn’t like the chocolate! So who had to eat the whole layer of chocolate off the top? You got it, our dog Max! No really, we don’t have a dog. So that would be me..I am the one who had to eat it. And may I say, I had to eat every tiny ounce of syrup off of the top white yogurt or she didn’t want anything to do with it!! Hey well at least we were both smiling!


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    Aww, she’s adorable. And good for her for liking just the yogurt 🙂